Celebrities Born in 1988 – List of Famous Men and Women

Find the list of most famous people born in 1988 that include men and women like Rihanna, King Bach, Julianne Hough, Robbie Amell and more. These people are an excellent mix of jubilant spirit and extraordinary skills. All of these celebrities are adept in their respective genres of talent on the most remarkable way possible. Considering the movie stars, to the sports to thefields of medicine, law or scientific arena, each and every one of these people are outstandingly talented and hardworking which has payed off in all of theirs careers in a splendid way. Thoroughly enthusiastic and filled with vibrant zeal, these people make it to the top owing to their undaunted spirit and free will.

Being such creative people, their minds works in a slightly different thought process which helps them acheive such utterly unique and special results to all their endeavors. Full of love, care, kindness and honesty, all of these celebrities born in the year of 1988 are strong willed and have beautiful hearts.The only negative tint in their characters is the constant need to prove themselves to others which is sometimes unnecessary and thus leads to overpressure on themselves and even sometimes to their own harm. Other than that all f these celebrities are beautifully people full of talents.

Photo Name DOB Nationality
Rihanna Rihanna Saturday February 20 Caribbean
Shane Dawson Shane Dawson Tuesday July  19 American
Lilly Singh Lilly Singh Monday September 26 American
King Bach King Bach Sunday June 26 American
Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa Hudgens Wednesday December 14 American
Jessie J Jessie J Sunday March 27 English
Ray Diaz Ray Diaz Saturday August 13 American
Melvin Gregg Melvin Gregg Thursday September 22 Virginian
Claire Holt Claire Holt Saturday June 11 Australian
Jack Douglass Jack Douglass Thursday June 30 American
Haley Bennett Haley Bennett Thursday January 7 American
Julianne Hough Julianne Hough Wednesday July 20 American
Zoe Kravitz Zoe Kravitz Thursday December 1 American
Allison Williams Allison Williams Wednesday April 13 American
Mae Whitman Mae Whitman Thursday June 9 American
Holliday Grainger Holliday Grainger Sunday March 27 English
Alexa PenaVega Alexa PenaVega Saturday August 27 American
Jesse Plemons Jesse Plemons Saturday April 2 American
Anna Popplewell Anna Popplewell Friday December 16 British
Sasha Grey Sasha Grey Monday March 14 American
Robbie Amell Robbie Amell Thursday April 21 American
Melissa O'Neil Melissa O’Neil Tuesday July 12 American
Leah Pipes Leah Pipes Friday August 12 American
Chelsea Kane Chelsea Kane Thursday September 15 American
Max Thieriot Max Thieriot Friday October 14 American
Katrina Bowden Katrina Bowden Monday September 19 American
Cody Horn Cody Horn Sunday June 12 American