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By | August 17, 2017

Forbes Riley is an Entrepreneur and actress whose net worth is $3 million. Find out her wiki from height, age, salary, children, family and facts info. She is a famous actress from the United States of America. But more than that she is known as a famous television personality. She was born on 1960 in Brooklyn, New York. She was named as Miss Teenage New York and after that she made her debut in television world on the Miss Teenage America Pageant. She has over 119 infomercials included on her resume.

Forbes Riley

Full Name Forbes Riley
Birth Date April 25, 1960
Nationality American
Height 5’6”
Net Worth $3 Million
Source of Income Acting
Annual Salary $150,000
Sibling N/A
Children Twins
Ethnicity White
Husband Tom Riley

She has sold a number fitness and health products which has helped her to win a remarkable place in the Fitness Hall of Fame, which she took just a part time job in the beginning. Forbes wanted to be an actress from the very beginning. In between plays and parts on soap operas she used to go for auditions of commercials. On day when she walked into a room and someone handed over a pen. She was asked to sell the pen to that man. A moment later, Jake Steinfeld came out of the control room and said that she was going to make him earn millions of dollars. And it was how that all began.

Forbes Riley also participated in shows like “The Practice”, “24” and “Picket Fences”. In between her infomercials, Forbes used to go for her auditions for starring roles. Forbes Riley got the opportunity   of the lead character on the Fox Network’s famous show, “Fashion House”. But Bo Derek replaced her. And then after she found the right way to her success. She was asked to get out of the normal routine and brand herself. After being selected by the celebrity fitness guru, Jake Steinfeld, Forbes Riley became the woman to watch overnight. At the end of every hour she used to pitch products like treadmills and exercise balls. And that was her way towards her eminence and success in life.

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