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By | April 4, 2016
Graham Elliot Salary in 2017 $300,000
Source of Income Chef
Graham Elliot Net Worth $1,500,000
Spouse Allie Elliot
Monthly Income $25,000
Weekly cash flow $6,000
Daily Income $850

Without doubt, Graham Elliot makes a lot of money from what he loves doing which is cooking. This 6’2” tall American has been a chef for some years and he is one of the most popular and best chefs in America. His fame and skill have turned to money for him and as such he is worth about $1.5 million. In addition to making more directly through cooking, he also makes money from appearing on TV shows.

dollarNet Worth – $1.5 Million

Graham Eliot Profile


Full Name: Graham Elliot

Annual Salary: $300,000

Birth Date

Birthday4th of January 1977


Ethnicity: White

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.89 m / 6.2 feet

68 Kg



Wife: Allie Elliot

Children: Jedediah Lindsay Elliot, Mylo Elliot and Conrad Elliot

37-year old Graham Elliot is an American chef who was born in Seattle, Washington. He was raised by his parents who wanted him to attend college and get a degree like other kids do, but Graham Elliot left high school as a teenager to set him up to become a chef. He started off merely by dishwashing and he has walked up through the rank after some years, although he later attended a school of cooking later.

Having become a recognized American chef, Graham Elliot has taken part as a participant in various reality TV shows including Iron Chef America, Top Chef Masters and with appearances on Today too. Graham Elliot has also gone on to appear as one of the judges in some food-themed reality TV shows like Master Chef and Master Chef Junior.

Graham Elliot has received some recognition for his cooking skills from the likes of Food and Wine Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune and so on.

Graham Elliot, who is a tattoo lover, is chubby and he had undergone surgery to lose some weight and look healthier. He stays in his apartment in Chicago with his family. He has been married twice; his first married to an unnamed woman produced a son while his second and latest marriage to Allie is still enjoying bliss and they have two sons together.

Famous chef Graham Elliot Graham Elliot net worth

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