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By | November 16, 2016

The American author Greg Laurie net worth is reported to be $3.5 million. Check out his wiki, wife, 2 son – one was died in an car accident to family info. Popularly known as the great writer of over seventy books the famous pastor Greg Laurie was born on 10th December 1952 in orange county, California. Greg Laurie also serves as the senior pastor of the church of riverside. One of his most successful books among the 70 was the upside down which he has written in collaboration with David Kope. Due to hi writing and appearance as an author has delivered enormous fame to him more than being a pastor in the course of his entire career.

Greg Laurie Net Worth

Name Greg Laurie
Net Worth $3.5 Million
Source of Income Author
Annual Salary $175,000
Monthly Income $14,500
Weekly Income $6,600
Birth Date December 10, 1952
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight  N/A
Wife Cathe Laurie
Children Christopher Laurie and Jonathan Laurie

Before manifesting his skills and talent as an author Greg Laurie has been selected and bestowed with the responsibilities of a pastor. He was also responsible for leading a group of 30 people while reading a bible. In the later years of his life, he has felt urges for expressing his thoughts and the message of god through words. He started writing spiritual books through which he wanted to spread the words of the bible and make people believe in god. In the following years, Greg Laurie has made the spiritual book writing a major part of his income. His books can be found on the official websites of the church. Except books, Laurie has also released films like the lost boy, the next chapter and hopes for hurting hearts.

From the source of spiritual writing Greg Laurie has earned a handsome amount of wealth of $3.5 million and happily living with his family.

Greg Laurie with his wife Cathe Laurie

In the context of Laurie’s personal life, it has been realised that he has been married to Cathe Laurie who is the founder of women’s ministry at the harvest Christian fellowship and is named as the virtue. The couple has been together for such a long time and currently is residing in Newport Beach. Laurie and Cathe had two sons named Jonathan and Christopher. It was very unfortunate for the couple to witness their young son to die in a car crash accident at the age of 33. To overcome this shock Cathe and Laurie both are preaching and concentrating in the delivery of spiritual messages to the other people in the society.

4 thoughts on “Greg Laurie Net Worth, Wiki, House, Family

  1. Nancy L Levy

    I love the teaching of Greg Laurie. And I loved the teaching of Pastor Chuck. I do, however, have a little bit of a problem with these kind of “prosperity preachers”. No one needs that much money. I give, but it is hard sometimes, when he has so much.

    1. Calvary Shrapnel

      Pastor Chuck died a millionaire. Such a simple life.

      1. Scott

        It’s interesting how money changes our view of each other. Because one has more than another we assume many things. However, for all preachers of the word I say this: was the one you preach about rich? Did he regard money? If he was the way , the truth and the life, what way , truth and life are you living? There is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is death.
        Please share what you have relize this life is but a breath of air. Riches and money pass and face but love of neighbor and Christ is eternal. May God bless your hearts to seek his glory and not earthly .


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