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By | February 21, 2017

Living in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Heimo Korth revealed his wiki, net worth, family and he live with his family surrounded with Jungles. Heimo Korth is another homesteader from the Discovery show, The Last Alaskan. Heimo is a brave and adventurous person who has chosen a completely unique life for him and his wife. They are living in the wilderness and this couple is the subject of many documentary shows of Discovery.  Heimo Korth is an outdoorsman; they live in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which is one of the riskiest places in America. This is the permanent address of this couple. The sources of their income are the various television documentaries, based on their regular life.

Heimo Korth

Heimo Korth  estimated net worth is now $150,000, which he has made by his different and unique lifestyle, which became a subject of many books and documentaries. Heimo wife name is Edna, met in a Yupik, which is a whaling village of St Lawrence Island. Heimo’s daughter name is Coleen Ann Korth.

Heimo lives there with his wife Edana. They have four daughters but they brought up so far from their parents. Their children are not a part of their life in the wilderness. These couples are taking all the challenges of life together. They hunt the animals and fish for their own everyday food. The first time this family has received the attention of the fans when James Cambell has released a book on them, The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His family, Alone in Alaska’s Arctic Wilderness.  It was the first time when they became a subject of a media. After print media they became popular by a documentary on them “Surviving Alone in Alaska”, it was by the VBS.tv and then the “Braving Alaska” of PBS.

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Flying Wild Alaska is another show where they appeared. Living in the wilderness is not an easy thing at all; it is not a romantic thing. It is a real tough life. He is a famous outdoorsman and fighting with the difficulties on a regular basis. He became a celebrity due to his various appearances on many documentaries and reality series. Not only that, you will also find the fan pages of Heimo on Facebook or Twitter. They lived there with more three families but the staying options of them are very far from one to other. To choose the life in the wilderness he has left the blue-collar life of the welder. He was raised in Wisconsin and wanted to be a mountaineer. It was his dream to be that but he changed the track and went to Alaska for an extreme wilderness.

8 thoughts on “Heimo Korth Net Worth, Wiki, Family 2017

  1. Carolyn cheslock

    I know gas is flown in by bush pilots. Did a helicopter deliver the snowmobile? I thoroughly enjoyed the book about you and Edna.

  2. gray blacks

    Heimo admits to trapping wolves; this should be illegal, even in Alaska.

    1. David Dellorso

      Not true….Wolves murder every living thing…until there are no living things…

  3. William Radtke Appleton Wis

    I worked and hunted with Heimo back in Appleton
    Wis we too enjoy the shows
    Keep it up Heimo

  4. Tony Mallotto

    Mr, Dellorso is correct about wolves. Their population is out stripping the ability of big game to reproduce in numbers sufficient to balance nature.
    Since moose, deer, and caribou are managed, so should wolves. Wolves are already migrating close to human population centers and should be harvested to equal out the odds for the herd animals.
    And, I’m not a hunter.

  5. Gwen Hoyt

    Where did heimos and Edna daughters go to school when they were young?


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