Herb Chambers Net Worth – Wiki, Age, Family

By | May 4, 2017

Herb Chambers is a renowned businessman with a net worth of $1.7 billion as per Forbes in 2017. Check out his wiki, properties, car, helicopters collection, wife and more. Herbert G. Chambers is an American who is a well known businessman. He is the owner and CEO of the car dealership company The Herb Chambers Companies.  He has a net worth of more than $1.7 billion!

Herb Chambers Net Worth

Full Name Herbert G. Chambers
Birth Date November 15, 1940
Nationality American
Net Worth $ 1.7 Billion
Source of Income CEO  of Herb Chambers
Annual Salary $200 Million
Ethnicity White
Girlfriend N/A

Chambers was born  Dorchester, Massachusetts. His father was a commercial artist and his mother a home maker. Chambers has one brother and two sisters. He grew up in two spacious family homes.

Chambers remember his mother being extremely strict and having an authoritarian personality. He was asked a rent of $15 per week when he turned 13 years along with his other siblings. He then set out to work in Stop & Shop Supermarket in his locality for which his school work suffered and he dropped out from English High School of Boston.             

In 1959, he joined the US Navy as aviation and cleaning supervisor. After 4 years of service he left the job with the Petty Officer 2nd class rank and went back to his home town. There he worked in his mother’s bar by the name South End Bar. He was fired by his mother due to some confusion regarding his duty hours.

While working in all three places, Chambers made his boring job more enjoyable by making game strategies. He was excellent with people management and had big dreams.

After getting fired, he bagged a job as a copy machine repairman with a salary of $75/week. He was then 22 years old. He worked extra hard and could easily sell service agreements. Chambers was then promoted to the sales department. There are other famous car collectors like Barry Weiss and Ralph Marano who are also earning good amount.

Chambers the realized the potential of sales and started his own company A-Copy America at Hartford, Connecticut with a small loan from his parents. He sold the same for $80 million to Alco Standard Corporation in 1983.

In 1985, he founded the Herb Chambers Company after getting the dealership for Cadillac in New London, Connecticut. Now his company has 55 car dealerships with its headquarters in Greater Boston.

Chambers owns 7 helicopters, several yachts as well as a private jet along with several high end cars. His favorite is the 1972 Ferrari Daytona Spider and is a collector of racing cars. He currently lives in Old Lyme in his farmhouse but travels by his helicopter every Monday to Somerville office and puts up in Mandarin oriental Hotel. Chambers own a house in ‎Boston spread in several acres of area.  Currently Chambers has a beautiful girlfriend. He spends most of his time with close friends and his son. He had been married and divorced after 13 years. He ranks 392 amongst the 400 richest Americans. Chambers is diabetic and is extremely health conscious.

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