Herbie Hancock Net Worth

By | August 27, 2016

The classic Pianist Herbie Hancock has overall net worth is now $12 million. Born in 1940 as Herbert Jeffrey Hancock, is married with Gigi and have a daughter.  Apart from these he also excelled in composing and acting. Before joining Miles Davis Quintet, he initially joined Donald Byrd who was USA based jazz and rhythm trumpeter. Herbie did superbly with the USA based Jazz band Miles Davis Quintet and gave a new meaning to jazz rhythm section by his incredible skills. His popularity among the pop audiences is tremendous and he played great role in development of funk music.

Herbie Hancock

Name Herbert Jeffrey Hancock
Net Worth $12 Million
Source of Income Pianist
Annual Salary $1.5 Million
Monthly Income $125,000
Weekly Income $31,250
Daily Income $4,500
Album List Earning 
The Warner Bros. Years $2 Million
The Imagine Project $1.5 Million
River: The Joni Letters $1 Million
Birth Date April 12, 1940
Ethnicity African
Height 1.60 m
Weight 60 kg
Wife Gigi Hancock

Being a humble Pianist and Musiciain Herbie Hancock earns gross net worth reaches to $12 million as on 2017.

This Herbie Hancock music drew huge crowds because of its melodious nature is well known. Herbie Hancock compositions such as Watermelon Man, Maiden Voyage, Chameleon etc were simply superb and his name and fame grew to huge levels. After 1965 it was in the year 2008 Herbie Hancock ‘’The Joni Letters’’ won the prestigious Grammy Award and it was declared as the ‘’Album of the Year’’ and by doing so it became only the second jazz album to win the award.  He was named after the famous singer and actor Herb Jeffries as his parents Winnie Belle and Wayman Edward Hancock liked Herb Jefferies so much.

Herbie Hancock went to the popular Wendell Phillips Academy High School in Chicago. It was the classical form of music that this Herbie Hancock started initially and in this aspect followed many jazz musicians who all started with classical music first. It was on 5th February 1952 he made a mark at the young people’s concert in association with the famous Chicago Symphony Orchestra and by doing this he showcased his genius to the world. In the years 1983 to 1984 he won 5 MTV Awards totally and his video’’ Rockit’’ was spoken highly. In the year 2004 he won NEA Jazz Master’s Award.

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