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By | January 20, 2018

YouTube star turned actor Ian Hecox net worth estimated about $8 million in 2018. Born in 1986, Ian Hecox is now 30 year old, find out his height, parents, siblings, properties, salary to girlfriend name.  Ian Hecoz is an American internet personality, actor and comedian who is considered as one of the most highly paid. He became popular through his witty everyday comedy series on Youtube. He writes, stars and directs the series along with his bestie from school Del Campo High School. Hecox later attended the American River College.

Ian Hecox

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Full Name Ian Hecox
Birth Date November 30, 1987
Nationality American
Height 5.6 feet / 1.73 m
Parents Sharon Hecox
Net Worth $8 Million
Source of Income Actor
Annual Salary $1.6 Million
Sibling Adrian Hecox-Hendrix,
Children N/A
Ethnicity British, Portuguese, Scottish, German, and Dutch
Girlfriend Pamela Horton

Ian Hecox was born on 30 November, 1987 in Sacramento County, California, United States. Hecox met Anthony Padilla while he was in the sixth grade and the duo became fast friends and later comic partners. Hecox started his sketch comedy channel in Youtube in 2005 which currently has over 22 million subscribers and over 6 billion views just a year back. In 2010, the channel released its first debut comedy album Sexy Album and If Music Were Real the following year.  Heox produced many other series like El Smosh, Ask Charlie, Zombies vs. Ninjas, Oishi High School Battle and many more. Their various entertainment endeavors has earned them over $1.6 million every year on an average which makes them the highest paid in the internet world. After working so many years on web, Ian Hecox’s net worth is $8 million approximately as on 2018, however exact figure is not yet confirmed.

Sharon Hecox, Ian’s mother with grey blonde hair is seen in most of his comedy videos acting in several different roles from being strict to being oblivious. She is in real life a caring and doting mother to Ian and both are seen sharing a very warm bond. Stephen Andrew Hecox is Ian’s father and is also occasionally featured in his acts. He loves his dog Daisy.

Hecox had dated Melanie Moat for a good seven years till 2014. He started dating Pamela Horton, the hot model since they met on the Playboy magazine’s party in 2015. The couple went around for a year before Ian formally announcing his love of his life through an Instagram post in 2016.

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