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By | March 12, 2017

The inspirational nanny Iris Apfel  revealed her net worth of $25 million. Check out her wiki, real age, house, children and source of income. Old is gold and this is very true for Iris Apfel. This 95 years old woman is a fashion icon of America. She is an interior designer and also a business woman. She is unbeatable still in her 95 years and her fashion and style are also flawless. She is one of the most stylish peoples of America, she dressed to create style. She has set her own style from the decade.

Iris Apfel

Real Name Iris Apfel nee Barrel
Birth Date 29 August, 1921
Net Worth $25 Million
Source of Income Businesswoman
Annual Salary $500,000
Ethnicity White
Husband Carl Apfel (1948 – 2015)

This old in age but young by heart woman associated with the renowned cosmetic brand, MAC, fashion brands like Kate Spade or with the designer Alexis Bitter. She was on the cover page of fashion magazine at her age of 93.

Iris Apfel is a well-known textile importer also.

Now take a look at the early days of her life. Apfel was born on 29th August of 1921 in Astoria of Queens. She brought up in New York and has spent most of her time there and has started her career there too. She was raised in a rich family. Her father Samuel Barrel had a glass and mirror business, which was their family business. Her mother was a Russian woman and she was the first person from their family who was in the fashion business. Her mother Sadye, run a fashion boutique at that time. Irish had Jewish parents.

Iris is a highly qualified person and she learned the art of history from New York University and then she studied in an Art school at the University of Wisconsin.

She started her career as an interior designer; she has joined the “Women’s Wear Daily” and she worked with the popular interior designer Elinor Johnson. She also worked with Robert Goodman. Her career has taken a lift after her marriage with Carl Apfel. This couple has launched their own brand, Old World weavers and she took part in several design restoration programs and she presented that in White House for nine respective presidents of America. She became a fashion icon of America as she was wearing the fashion cloths during their world wide fabric collection functions. Iris own a 03 bedroom flat in Manhattan Apartment.

Her fashion and style have made her way to become a face of television commercials she modeled for French Car DS 3 and Blue Illusion. On 2016, she also launched a technology start-up wise wear for a smart jewelry line.  Iris was also a visiting professor at the University of Texas at her ‘90.

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