Jack Johnson Net Worth

By | February 20, 2016

Jack Johnson is a singer primarily but at the same time he directs movies as well. Apart from that, he is a guitarist and lyricist too. So, quite evident it is that Jack is a versatile talent. Not only has he established himself in the art genre, he is also big business tycoon. He was born in Honolulu and hence, is American.

Jack Johnson ProfiledollarNet Worth – $15 Million


Full Name: Jack Hody Johnson

Annual Salary: $1,500,000

Birth Date

Birthday18th of May 1975

Ethnicity: White

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.8 m / 5.9 feet

75 kg



Wife: N/A

Girlfriend: N/A

You might be wondering how rich he must be when he has multiple professions. Yes, it is quite obvious that he is a very rich man. He was born in 1975. Jack is a 40 years old fellow and still happens to be a heartthrob for millions of Americans. Though he has a lot of sources of income, the basic source is music. He is much-talked about American Singer who has earned more than ten million dollars from his songs and movies alone. His popular songs and movies have earned him a lot but his business has also played a significant role. There are certain rumors that Jack Johnson has a net worth of over two hundred and fifty million dollars. However, this is just a rumor and not a fact. This man is said to be one of the highest paid singers in America.

Jack Johnson is still very popular despite his age. His songs and movies are much appreciated and have been hits. Hence, there are all possibilities that his income will grow in the upcoming years. And so will his net worth.

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