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By | March 6, 2016

22 year old Jameis Winston has huge net worth and handsome salary in 2017. If you sift through books and digital content, you would get to know so much about Jameis Winston. He is one of the best pocket passers and a great quarterback of football listed with Marcus Mariota and Chris Bonner. According to all the literature available, he is a solid athlete for his big frame. He is pretty much tough to bring down as he has a strong center of gravity and principles. The runner in him is also quite good but it looks a bit awkward as he is not originally smooth when it comes to running.

dollarNet Worth – $22 Million

Jameis Winston profile


Full Name: Jameis L. Winston

Contract Salary: $22 Million

Birth Date

Birthday6th of January 1994


Ethnicity: Black

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.93 m/ 6.3 feet

103 kg



Girlfriend: Breion Allen

Ex-Girlfriend: N/A

Jameis has a marvelous arm and he can make any throw that you expect him to do. Moreover, the way he goes for a corner and deep post ball is a splendid sight to see. His moves combine touch, precision as well as meticulous ball placement. Velocity control is one of the most significant aspects of football. Jameis is good with that too. On the move, he conveys absolutely amazing passes to the sideline owing to his commendable balance and quick release.

Jameis Winston’s journey to the NFL has seen lots of successful endeavors. People consider him a bit immature. Despite this fact, he has stood strongly committed to his game. His ability to sense pressure and avoid sacks deserves a huge applause. Physically, his elongated release still needs work to improve his deep ball accuracy. When more is going on with that motion, more can go wrong. It is quite evident that this twenty one year “young” guy has lots of scope to improve in the near future. The current news read that receiver Vincent Jackson would not be with Jameis on Sunday during the match at Atlanta. The speculation is that this would not affect the game as he has performed really great in the previous matches.

Salary and Honors

It entails a acceptance bonus of around 14 million dollars. Tentative amount as cap hit exceeds more than 45 lakh dollars and the dead money sums up to 25 million dollars. With the speed of his income growth, it seems like Jamies will soon cross the Jim Brown total net worth in coming few years at this young age.

Jameis Winston Contract Salary

Year Net Worth Age in Years
2010 $10 Million 16
2011 $10 Million 17
2012 $12 Million 18
2013 $14 Million 19
2014 $17 Million 20
2015 $20 Million 21

He would be receiving roster bonus too from the year 2017. Starting with around 10 lakh dollars, it would increase to more than 20 lakh dollars by the starting of 2018. His career accolades include 2013 Heisman Trophy and All-American National Championship.

Jameis Winston salary Football player Jameis Winston

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