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By | May 26, 2017

The superstar vocalist James Hetfield net worth is now $180 million as on 2017. Being a well knownj guitarist, check out his wiki, height, age and source of wealth. He is an American vocalist and musician and has made a good name in the music industry since 1978. He is a pro guitar player and even is a talented vocalist, songwriter, musician and a song producer.

James Hetfield Net Worth

Full Name James Alan Hetfield
Birth Date August 03, 1963
Nationality American
Net Worth $180 Million
Source of Income Musician
Annual Salary $9 Million
Ethnicity German-English-Irish-Scottish
Wife Francesca Hetfield

Hetfeild was born on 3 August, 1963 in Downey, California, United States and is currently 53 years old.  His father Virgil Lee Hetfield was a truck driver and his mother Cynthia Bassett an opera singer. His parents divorced when he was 13 years of age. He has two older half brothers from his mother’s first marriage and a younger sister. His parents were strict Christian Scientists and believed in healing under Go’s grace and without any medication. He  lost his mother at the age of 16 years who suffered from cancer and lack of treatment. His father passed away in 1996. Hetfield is believed to be of German-English-Irish-Scottish descent.

Few other guitarist like John fogerty has less net worth as compared to James.

He attended the “Downey High School” and took piano classes from the age of 9 years. He then tried his hands on drums and later at 14 years started playing the guitar. He believes that Aerosmith influenced him in a great way to pursue music. His passion for music made him an expert and a pro with the instruments. He was earlier associated with bands like Leather Charm and Obsession. Hetfield co-founded the heavy metal band Metallica in 1981. He became popular for intricate rhythm playing and performed both live and studio. The Grammy Award winner has released 10 studio albums, 3 live albums, 24 singles and 4 extended plays. He was awarded the title of one of the 100 greatest metal guitarists as number 8 and by Guitar’s World poll at the 19th position. Rolling Stone awarded him the 87th rank in the world as a guitarist.

Hetfeild married Francesca Tomasi on 17 August, 1997 in Vail, Colorado and is blessed with three children. The couple now resides in Hawaii. He suffered from several accidents during his career. He suffered from a severe burn on his face down his right side during a stage show due to a pyrotechnic blast for which he was hospitalized. He also suffered multiple injuries due to skate boarding several times. He was also under rehabilitation since 2002 for alcoholism. Currently after several months of rehabilitation, He is back sober, fit and fine. He loves beekeeping, customizing cars and motorcycles and has several tattoos on his body.

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