Jayden Croes Bio, Height, Age, Family, Facts

By | August 24, 2017

Young Youtube star Jayden Croes shared his biography including height, age, nationality, siblings and family details. Find out his contact number, net worth and facts. He  is a teenager who has earned himself a huge fan following. Be it Instagram, Tweeter, Musical.aly or YouNow, he is the most-viewed star on the social media who always remain trending because of his posts. He has more than 43 thousand followers on Instagram alone and around 1.6 thousand followers on YouNow. He is known for his acting and dancing skills that he showcases through social media platforms. Jayden Croes once tweeted that he his favorite thing is to put a smile on people’s faces. His tweet was sure to win him many other fans as well. Jayden reached great heights when apart from featuring in Musical.ly, Tweeter, Instagram, and YouNow, he even started making skits for Facebook. He does this along with his brother Gilmher Croes and his friend Giomir Leocadia.

Jayden Croes

Full Name Jayden Croes
Birth Date November 11, 1998
Nationality Caribbean
Height N/A
Parents Gilbert Croes and Susanne Croes
Net Worth $
Source of Income YouTube Personality
Annual Salary $
Sibling Gilmher Croes
Children N/A
Ethnicity White
Girlfriend N/A

This young talented social media personality was born on 11th November 1998 in Aruba and belongs to Dutch nationality. He was born to Gilbert Croes and Susanne Croes and has one brother and one sister. Though his sister’s name is not known yet, his brother’s name is Gilmher Croes, who helps Jayden with all his videos and posts. Jayden Croes makes extensive use of caps, hooded sweatshirts, wigs and various such accessories in all his videos. All these have somewhat become the trademark of this young vlogger. Jayden has done his schooling from Mon Plaisir College and his brother Gilmher Croes is also a social media personality, who was also made the Aruba’s social-media star in the year 2015. Jayden was not behind in this aspect, as his videos became an all-time favorite for many which even landed him a local award in appreciation of his work.

If you are a big fan of Jayden Croes and wanted to know his phone number to have an autograph then best option would be to follow him on Instagram or Facebook. And from there fans can request for an autograph.

He is mostly known for his activities that he posts on musical.ly and all of them are sure to put a smile on every viewer’s face. He has even earned himself a verification crown on the app when his followers crossed the mark of 80 thousand within a very short span of time. His hard work and constant endeavor to make others happy have earned him quite a decent amount. Though the exact figure is not known, it is expected that he makes some thousands of dollars, which is really good according to his age.

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