Jessie Delgado Instagram Model, Wiki, Age (Jessiebabyfit)

By | November 29, 2016

Jessie Delgado is a fitness model on Instagram who is better known as Jessiebabyfit, check out her wiki, real age, height, family to earning detail. Jessie Delgado a fitness trainer and also someone who advice others to maintain a healthy life. Jessie Delgado is famous from her Instagram accounts where she posts videos and photos of her in her training and workouts. She mostly does mini workouts which are very helpful to people.

Name Jessie Delgado
Net Worth $250 Thousand
Source of Income Fitness Trainer
Annual Salary $100,000
Monthly Income $8,333
Weekly Income $2,000
Birth Date Under Review
Ethnicity White
Height 5.3 feet
Weight N/A
Boyfriend Under Review
Husband N/A

Jessiebabyfit (Jessie Delgado) wanted to be a fitness trainer when she was very young. She had planned her life to be at the gyms and training centres. She always followed a single and balanced diet because of which she could properly maintain her body well. Jessiebabyfit (Jessie Delgado) maintained her personality and now she is a very famous fitness trainer and she also has her own fitness centres where she gives trainings to others. She knows how to make her abs.

Jessiebabyfit at gym

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She also gives proper advice to people to maintain a healthy style of living. She has quite a lot of followers in Instagram and Twitter. People love her work and the way she does it. She is one of the few fitness models who just love her work and knows how to attract people.

Jessie baby fit selfie

Jessiebabyfit (Jessie Delgado) has a huge amount of wealth with her from all the fitness centers that she gathered. Her net worth estimated would be around $250 thousand.

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  1. Jessie Delgado

    LOL! Where did you come up with this info? If you want to ask me these questions and find out the real answers, you know how to find me. PS. I’m 5’8″ not 5’3″.


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