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By | March 5, 2016

James William Reiher popularly known as Jimmy Snuka net worth is $200 thousand. However the current financial condition of Snuka is not well.  As per the Bleacher Report, a campaign was started in last month of 2011 to raise $24,000 that will be dedicated to Snuka’s careHe is a retired and popular wrestler.  He has crossed 72 years of age and is a semiretired wrestler as well as an actor. He holds the recognition for showing WWF the high-flying style of wrestling. He was the guy who was featured opposite The Undertaker, making him the very first Wrestle Mania player against that established wrestler. His personal life has seen several ups and downs. He has got married thrice and it is quite interesting that two of his kids are also wrestlers. Despite having such a personal life, his professional life has remained undamaged.

dollarNet Worth – $200 Thousand

Jimmy Snuka profile


Full Name: James Reiher Snuka

Annual Salary: Decrease

Birth Date

Birthday18th of May 1943



Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.78 m / 5.10 feet

107 kg




Wife: Carole Snuka

Ex Wife: Sharon Snuka

Jimmy has several signature moves like Backbreaker, Diving crossbody, Diving headbutt, Knee drop and Scoop slam. Superfly and The Phenom are the nicknames given to him by his fans. Jimmy started off his career when he was twenty seven years old. Three years later in the year 1973, he defeated Bull Ramos and managed to get the title. He became partners with Dutch Savage and won the championship of National Wrestling Alliance Tag Team. He got an opportunity to get into World Wrestling Federation in the month of January when he was thirty nine years old. Captain Lou Albano was his mentor back then. He managed to turn many heads owing to his athleticism. In the year 1992, he left WWF. Due to this decision, he has to work with less established organizations like Extreme Championship Wrestling. Thirteen years later, Jimmy got featured in the homecoming of World Wrestling Entertainment. He received many votes from his fans. This paved a path for him being partners with Eugene and fight opposite Conway and Tyson Tomko. He defeated Conway through a Superfly Splash and made it to victory. Various matches took place after that. Besides wrestling matches, video games like Legends of Wrestling also feature Jimmy Snuka.

It is estimated that Jimmy Snuka net worth is about $200 thousand after he passed away in January 2017.

In the end of the year 2012, Jimmy came up with his own autobiography. 1980s was the golden era for Jimmy because he won several accolades at that time. His fame got a major setback in the year 2015 when he got arrested in the month of September. They withdrew the contract he had signed with the organization too. Apart from that, his page was also deleted from their official website.

Updated 16th January 2017 – Unfortunately Jimmy Snuka passed away on 15th of January 2017 and left his net worth and glory behind family.

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