JoeySalads Net Worth – Bio, Facts, Age, Family

By | June 2, 2017

American young youtuber JoeySalads net worth has been revealed. Check out his bio that revealed his height, age, girlfriend, family and facts.  He  is a social media influencer who shot to fame through his funny prank videos on video streaming sites. He has till date uploaded over 125 videos surrounding prank and social experiment themes.

Joey Salads Net Worth

Full Name JoeySalads
Birth Date December 10, 1993
Nationality American
Height 1.85 meter
Cousin Vinny
Net Worth $375,000
Source of Income YouTube Star
Annual Salary $150,000
Ethnicity White
Girlfriend Under Review

Born as Joey was born on December 10, 1993 and is 23 years of age. He was born in Staten Island, New York and is an American by nationality. Before fame, Joey worked as a pizza delivery boy and aspired to become famous. He soon joined vblogging site Vine and later shifted to Youtube on September 4, 2012. He became well known for his phrase ‘It’s Bashing Time!’ which was initially ‘It’s Smashing time!’ His first ever bash was on his sister’s iPhone4s. Joey with his unique sense of humor as well as witty plots gained popularity within a matter of months. But he is also ill famed several times for hoaxing the social experiment scenes for which he had to extend apology to the general public. Few of his controversial videos include ‘Transgender in Women’s Bathroom’ and ‘Radical Islam vs. Radical Christianity’.

There are other successful viner like Alissa Violet, Lele Pons and Taylor Caniff whose net worth is higher than Joey.

One video which blew out of proportion was related to a Donald Trump social experiment. Joey  showed in his video how a car with the promotional sticker of Trump was rampaged by a few blackmen parked in their locality, trying to prove the racial discrimination. Later the video was found to be a hoax and that the black man in the video were all actors. In one of his videos, he was found to be spitted at and his hat knocked off by a passerby when he was walking down a Manhattan street wearing a promotional Trump hat for the make America Great Again campaign. This was posted as a social experiment which was gain proved to be a hoax. This permanently labeled him to be a racist and stirred agitation amongst his followers. He also has a past history of being involved in porn on Snapchat where he used to stick his dick in food and ask his friend to touch it. This he claimed to be a passing phase when he was clueless and frustrated with his career. Currently Saldino has over 1,280,000 fans in his Youtube account

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