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By | August 29, 2016

Former Apple CEO John Sculley net worth is today $200 million. Born in 1939, he married thrice, known for investing in startups – find his salary as on 2017.  He has started a successful journey of a top level career as a vice president of the big brand Pepsi-Cola, then he became the president of the company. In the year of 1983, he moved on to Apple Inc as a desire to change the world of technology with Steve Jobs, the ‘dream changer’ of the modern high-tech world. John Sculley has been the Chief Executive officer of Apple. He was the highest paid executive in Silicon Valley. He has got the title with $2.2 million annual salaries.

John Sculley

Name John Sculley
Net Worth $200 Million
Source of Income Businessman
Annual Salary $2.2 Million
Monthly Income $183,000
Weekly Income $45,800
Birth Date April 6, 1939
Ethnicity White
Height  –
Weight  –
Wife Diane Gibbs Poli
Ex-Wife Carol Lee Adams (1978–2011)
Ruth Sculley (1960–1965)

This 77 years old businessman was born on 6th April 1939 at the smartest city in the world New York City. He lives in the poshest area of America, Palm Beach of Florida. After a magnificent journey with Apple Inc, he has moved on to start a new journey as a co-founder of Zeta Interactive and as the founder of Obi World phone, still now he is continuing his striking career graph with these two glorious companies. His net worth is near $ 200 million of dollars.His mother Margaret Blackburn was a horticulturist by profession and his father John Sculley Jr was a Wall Street lawyer. Her mother native place was Bermuda, where he had been flying over by the Atlantic Ocean and spends more of the times of his childhood. He was a brilliant and impressive student of St. Marks School of Massachusetts. He has got his bachelor degree from Brown University and completed his MBA course from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Like his career graph, his personal life is also very colourful. He got married for three times. First, he got married to Ruth Sculley in 1960 and they parted away in 1965. After he started his married life with Carol Lee Adams and then got a divorce in 2011. Now finally he has found his real partner and got married to Diana Sculley and they are living their life for happily ever after.

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