Jonathan Cheban Net Worth – Car, Business GF

By | November 3, 2016

NJ based businessman Jonathan Cheban net worth is now about $3 million. Founder of CommandPR company, earning $3 million, has a girlfriend & a car in 2017.  Jonathan Cheban is an American entrepreneur who has made his name in the television industry as well. He is believed to be the owner of more than ten businesses dealing with food and entertainment. He is currently maintaining an online store as well and is famous being a reality star.

Jonathan Cheban Net Worth

Name Jonathan Cheban
Net Worth $3 Million
Source of Income Businessman
Annual Salary $500,000
Monthly Income $42,000
Weekly Income $10,500
Birth Date February 21, 1974
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Girlfriend Kim Kardashian
Wife N/A

Cheban was born in the year 1974 on February 21st. He was born and raised in New Jersey and was the only child of his parents. Chebans father was a diamond merchant and his mother worked as a real estate agent. He lost his father in 2011 which was a big blow to him. Cheban attended the Fort Lee High School in his hometown and graduated in Communications in the year 1995.

Soon after graduation, Cheban move base to New York and started working a PR firm owned by publicis Peggy Siegal. Seigal was approached by Benny Medina to organise Sean Combs birthday party but she turned it down. Cheban was interested in the same and left his job and joined Combs consultancy to work for the party. He formed his own firm with two other publicists but broke off soon in 2001. Yet another time he founded his own firm CommandPR and managed it alone. In 2011 he made Simon Huck his partner but broke off the relation with Huck buying maximum shares of his company a few years later. Cheban currently works as a consultant for the firm.

Jonathan Cheban car

Cheban came into the limelight though the television reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Later he appeared in several other spin-off episodes projected as a friend of the Kardashian sisters. Cheban himself produced his show The Spin Crowd portraying his own life and the other people associated with his work which was stopped due to poor reviews and ratings.

Jonathan Cheban with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian

Cheban publicly declared his relationship with Kim Kardashian and in 2012 released a video spoof about how he is living under the shadow of his famous girlfriend. In 2008, Cheban launched his popular designer clothing line Kritik and designed jewellery for RichRocks. In 2012, Cheban ventured into food industry through his sushi restaurant in Miami named Sushi Mikasa, Burger Bandit in Long Island and also is the co partner of the website He also launched the website named TheDishh dealing with a mixture of high end food, electronics and entertainment accessories. In 2012 he was rumoured to be romantically associated with stylist Anat Popovsky but later was found to be single again. He has also tried his hands on other reality shows like Celebrity Big Brother and business ventures like protective phone screen which acts as a guard as well as a mirror to name a few.

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