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By | March 5, 2016

A very popular name in the world of baseball is Jose Antonio Bautista net worth incredible. He hails from the  beautiful country Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It is a matter of great pride for any baseball player to start off as a utility player. He achieved that opportunity by staying on the ball in every match. In the year 2004, this right fielder switched to major leagues after almost three years of toiling in minor tournaments. His first match was with the Baltimore Orioles. The extraordinarily rare thing about this 35 year old guy is that he went off to be a home-run champion from the position of utility roster-froth.

dollarNet Worth – $42 Million

Jose Bautista profile


Full Name: Jose Antonio Bautista Santos

Birth Date

Birthday19th of October 1980

Ethnicity: Dominican

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.83 m / 6 feet

86 kg



Girlfriend: Single.

Ex-Girlfriend: Neisha Marie Croyle

Jose is an august father of two daughters Estela and Ava. His success in the year 2010 carried over from a strong September 2009. That was exactly the month in which he hit .257/.339/.606. 2010 was the year when he almost made his career home-run rate three times. There are numerous interviews, books and web pages on Jose. Needless to say, these facts are absolutely interesting to read. Jose is a major league home-run leader who averaged 403 feet on his homers, which is quite commendable.

Jose can be undoubtedly compared to some of the players like Nick Swisher, Reggie Smith and Roger Maris. Dwayne Murphy was the hitting coach of Blue Jays in Toronto. The main aim was to turn on, and give a good drive to fastballs. Interestingly, of all his major-league-best 54 home runs, 53 were hit to left or left-center. As a matter of fact, the further he hit the ball, the more likely he was to pull it. He is not a dead-pull hitter. He can rather be called a six-foot-under pull hitter.


The current annual salary of Jose Bautista is $13,000,000 and he got a contract for 5 year with a sum of $65,000,000.

Jose Bautista Net Worth $42 Million
Source of Wealth Baseball Player
Current Team Toronto Blue Jays
Yearly Income $13 Million
Monthly Income $1.08 Million
Weekly Income $270,000
Daily Income $38,500

Recent Achievements

In the month of September, Jose reached to hundred and ten walks to hundred and six strikeouts. As far as social networking is concerned, Jose has more than eight lakh fans following him on Twitter. This implies that people who love baseball surely love him a lot. No wonder, even his fellow players find him totally amiable and supportive. He managed to turn many heads by hosting an online Halloween costume contest on 31st October 2015 on Twitter. It got a huge response and many re-tweets too.

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