Joseph Prince Net Worth – Bio, Family & Salary

By | February 1, 2017

The young senior pastor Joseph Prince net worth is $5 million. Originally from Singapore, he is married with Wendy Prince and has 2 children. Joseph Prince is one of the richest and renowned pastors of the world, who has founded the Singapore New Creation Church. He has founded that on 1983 and still he is the main minister of there. He started his successful and respectful career journey from a very ground point, he is the founder of a Christian program, which is titled as “Destined to Reign”. This is an internationally broadcasted program by Joseph and the most significant work of his life.  Joseph shares his life and his religious belief to the world by his own websites.

Joseph Prince Net Worth

Name Joseph Prince
Net Worth $5 million
Source of Income Pastor
Annual Salary $550,000
Monthly Salary $45,800
Weekly Salary $11,450
Daily Salary $1,630
Birth Date 15 May, 1963
Ethnicity Asian
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Wife Wendy Prince
Child Justin David and Jessica Shayna

Joseph Prince Birth and Family

Joseph was born in Singapore on 15th May of 1953. He was born and brought up in Singapore but his root is in India. His father was a Sikh Priest from India, a religious leader. The mother of Joseph was from China. His parents have given him perfect surroundings for upbringing. He has spent most of his school days in Malaysia. The place was Perak. But his preaching and his views are not bounded within Singapore and Malaysia. He has preached all over the world, Great Britain, Australia, Indonesia, Italy, USA and also at the other big countries of the world. This man is equally popular all over the world for his religious and political views.

Ways to reach people

He has chosen so many ways to reach people with his views. Television, Internet and Print media he is popular and accustomed with each of these.

“Destine to Reign” is the most popular television broadcasting program by Joseph Prince. He has huge viewers for the program so it broadcasted globally. Not just the television program, this program is streamed on internet and podcasts too. 150 countries have seen his program through the television.

There also the DVDs and CDs of Joseph, which are other good options to know his views.

Joseph has his own writing masterpieces. Unmerited Favour and the Power of Right Believing, Destined Reign, and these two are the best selling books by Joseph, which are published internationally. He is a great spokesperson too.

Joseph Prince Net Worth

Joseph is a married man, who married to Wendy and they have two children, one son Justin David and his daughter Jessica Shayna. They live in a royal house in Singapore and his net worth approx $5 million.  You can catch him at These websites are the source to know his latest movements and ideas.

One thought on “Joseph Prince Net Worth – Bio, Family & Salary

  1. Joseph Pascarella

    I have been a student of and follower of the ACTUAL WORD for a half century +.
    I have found Joseph Prince’s messages utterly appealing -while I have served in the trenches and have not been able to “receive” the spoken promises. The WORD states that the “rich” live in fine houses (palaces) & i actually praise Joseph Prince for his great blessings- all the while knowing from the LITERAL WORD that Jesus sent the disciples out with a “script’ & a “sword” – the script being a offering or begging bag “silver & gold have none, but such as I have I give to thee (you).”
    I am tired and have lived amongst the poor, afflicted, & needy. NEVER have i been able to accrue said “wealth” by preaching a Gospel for those who are fearful and have “itching ears”;in fact,I amazing the poorest of the poor.
    Note that Judas threw the money down and the scribes/Pharisees could not touch that money – they purchased the POTTER’S FIELD burial site and probably were instrumental inkling Judas.
    Note also that in the final chapter of John, Jesus spoke of “the disciple whom Jesus loved {there are ALWAYS TWO as the Tupos of the language denotes, and Peter asked why THAT ONE should remain it was Judas repentant.
    I sure could use a FINANCIAL BLESSINGS as I am rapidly being unable to buy food.
    It all makes me wonder & I can not compete with this doctrine (especially the “Rapture” doctrine which is a TOTAL LIE that only fools who are unable to actually READ Scripture preach such utter nonsense.
    Be well, all who struggle financially & find that more giving will reap more reaping.
    Such is not in accordance with Scripture –especially this like me who have been stuck down by disability; of whom I have an intimate acquaintance. Enopugh said…


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