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By | March 2, 2016

Without an iota of doubt Joseph Simmons net worth is $70 million. He is one of the numerous people that have been made millionaires from musical performances around the globe. His earning is basically from music production from group, Run-D.M.C and album release as well as being a cast in some American Reality TV shows.

dollarNet Worth – $70 Million

Joseph Simmons Profile


Full Name: Joseph Ward Simmons

Birth Date

Birthday14th of November 1964

Ethnicity: American

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.73 m / 5.7 feet




Wife: Justine Simmons

Children: Victoria Anne Simmons, Joseph “JoJo” Simmons Jr., Miley Justine Simmons, Russell Simmons II, Angela Simmons, Vanessa Simmons and Diggy Simmons

Joseph Simmons has properties and other assets and he has never hidden the fact that he is financially blessed. He specifically owns a house in Saddle River, New Jersey that is worth around $5.5 million and he even bought his spiritual counselor, Bernard Jordan, a Phantom Rolls Royce that is worth over $320,000 few years ago as a form of appreciation for his help and counsels.

Joseph Simmons is a New Yorker who was specifically born in Queens and his older siblings, Danny Simmons and Russell Simmons, are also celebrities that own the popular record label know as Def Jam Records. He is a rapper, producer, DJ and Pentecostal reverend. Just like his brothers, he also a music producer. He co-founded a group named Run-D.M.C with his music partners, late D.J Jason and Daryl McDaniels, in the 1980s.

Though he was once a member of a group before having a record label, his solo album “Distortion” actually enjoyed more success than when he was still part of the group. In the 2000s, a reality TV show called Run’s House was run on MTV about his family and the show enjoyed massive viewership across the United States of America. Other TV series he has starred include Rev Run’s Renovation, Grounded for Life, Rev Run’s Sunday Supers, My Super Sweet 16 and The Weakest Link.

Joseph Simmons has been married twice; first to Valerie Vaughn and later to Justine Jones Simmons. He has 6 children from his 2 marriages.

Joseph Simmons Net Worth $25 Million
Name Joseph Ward Simmons
Source of Wealth Singing
Yearly Salary $5 Million
Monthly Salary $416,000
Weekly Salary $104,000
Daily Salary $14,800

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