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By | April 7, 2017

Josh Darnit is a vine star revealed his net worth along with biography, real age, son, daughter, source of income, wife, nationality and more. Darnit is a popular social media star, especially known as a Vine star along with his four years old son Evan. Josh was born on January 10, 1975, in California, USA. His birth sign is Capricorn. This forty-two years old man was initial risers of the Vine app. His periodic video sharing makes him famous in vine app and has almost 2.7 million followers. He is such a popular social media star that he has 50,000 subscribers in YouTube and not less than 230,000 followers on Instagram.

Josh Darnit Net Worth

Real Name Josh Darnit
Birth Date January 10, 1975
Net Worth $400 Thousand
Source of Income Vine star
Annual Salary $110,000
Ethnicity White
Wife Divorced

In his personal life, he is a very happy go like and very much a family person, undoubtedly a caring father. Josh Darnit is a proud father of three children, two sons named Evan and AJ and of course a beautiful daughter named Johnna. As per the web sources, Josh Darnit divorced from his wife.

Josh has started the career as his hobby with his four-year-old son Evan but it has changed to his profession later. He is one of the oldest risers of Vine and he is with Vine from January 2013. His son Evancredible accompanied him for those great videos and that 7-year-old child also became a star of this photo sharing app. He has more than 1.4 million followers also. This father-son duo has presented a Father’s Day special video on Vine and that became hugely popular. Not only Evan, he also posted videos with his other son AJ and daughter Johnna.

There are similar celeb like Liza Koshy, Jerry Purpdrank and David Dobrik.

Josh is from San Diego of California and he has a great family two sons and a daughter. All of his children are phenomenal and they all the Vine Star. He gave up his high revenue job to join Vine and he has many offers from some big companies, even he had the offer of Disney in his hand.

Sometimes he pre-planned the topics for his videos but most of the time they share the funny details of their daily life. Most of the videos of Josh are very spontaneous like on the tyranny of vegetables, incredible style of seafood eating etc. he is very active and popular on Twitter too and he has 37k followers there. He just expresses the funny side of fatherhood through the photo sharing app.

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