Josh Owens Moonshiners – Bio, Net Worth, Age

By | April 20, 2017

Motorcycle rider Josh Owens got fame from Moonshiners tv show shared his bio along with net worth, height, age, family and more. He is a famous personality. He is well known as a moonshine star. His biking and racing talents are also famous in the public at large. He is an inventor, hunter and lumberjacks and loves to spend time with his dog, and to do mountain climbing, kayaking, etc. He used to travel between South and North Carolina. Being the motorbike champion, he has the talent to run anything with any speed at any time.

Josh Owens Net Worth

Full Name Josh Owens Sturgis
Birth Date Under Review
Net Worth $400 Thousand
Source of Income TV Personality
Annual Salary $100,000
Ethnicity White
Girlfriend Under Review

He is famous star of Moonshiners, a television drama which airs on discovery channel.  He got much popularity from this renowned show. Moonshiner is the most daring show and become popular worldwide in very short span of time. Although the public claimed to close this show because the show was going on the terms which public doesn’t accept like: making liquor onscreen. But the main authorities have denied this fact as they said in the actual terms, no liquor was made there and if it happens to be then they will make the person’s arrest that very moment and raised the prestige of the show again.

At present the net worth of Josh Owens is around 400 Thousand Dollars. The most significant part of his income came from the show moonshiners.

Before coming to this show, Josh was famous for his passion for biking and racing. He is a professional Superbike racer and motocross. He also got the title of Motocross Champion in the years 2003 and 2004.

Moonshiner has proven as a turning point for Owens. On December 6, 2011 on the Discovery channel, Moonshiners show was premiered. In the premiere, the story of the people producing the moonshine was telecasted. Its season 6 was being premiered in November 2016, after telecasting the five successful seasons. On the show, he and his partner Bootleg Bill are the most popular characters and give a high dose of entertainment. The new season of the show will also bring the same level of entertainment in Moonshiners show.                   

Being a moonshiner is not as easy as it looks. Josh Owens loves his daughter very much. His hard work, soft heart, passion for bike and moonshiner show has made him the star of millions of people. Biking is his passion and his love for biking is extremely popular. He won such preeminent prestige with his firm determination and passion. People admired his performance in the moonshiners a lot.

10 thoughts on “Josh Owens Moonshiners – Bio, Net Worth, Age

  1. Ladoma

    Why is Josh Owens such a hot head? He doesn’t seem to be able to get along with anyone. I just saw him fist fighting with his “brother”. He literally grabbed him by the throat and threw him to the ground. A man smaller than Josh of course. That’s how bullies operate. This guy is a violent ticking time bomb.

  2. Woot

    Merry Christmas Josh. Hope to see the show on for 10 more years bro. I started an old still over near tha… well… we talk bout that later????

  3. Kristina evans

    I love his personality he is a hottie….. Love his dog and smart attitude…. Definitely my favorite on show… He knows what he wants and goes after it

  4. Phil and Cathy Smith

    I think my husband broke down in front of your house one night. I wish I knew for sure if it was you or not. We are huge fans of the show and know thing or two to.

  5. Wayne McCarty

    You go Josh I enjoy watching you cause you and I have alot in common , what can go wrong will go wrong . Believe me I no I have a titanium hip and had several surgery,s trying my hand at bull riding I,m 64years old now and beat all to hell . Don’t give up on what you are doing . I d really like to come up and make some shine with you.

  6. Mary Garzee

    Man something always seems to go wrong on the show. Do you ever have any good moments?

  7. Jennie

    Josh. I would absolutely love to be a partner in crime with u & be along for the crazy ride of life that u live in all aspects if u ever need a great partner & u don’t mind someone who has the exact same luck as u do then we will make a perfect pair! Lol. I absolutely love the show & what u stand for as a person keep up the good work bcuz it will eventually pay off! “May God Always Be With You In Everything You Do”

  8. Tom Cammorato

    Hey Josh — I was in the Love station next to Destination Daytona this past Bike Week +2018 when I spotted you. We had a good conversation and I wish I had taken a picture with you. You told me that you would stop by the Detail Shop in the morning to sign your flyer and take the picture. Unfortunately, you were late for the New Smyrna Track where the Vintage Races were being held and you did not show up. You and I stayed in the same complex throughout bike Week and I was hoping to catch up with you.
    My good friend Steve Coe (AMA213) was the pace bike for the race. It was disturbing to hear that you crashed on your practice run, but that is how it goes sometimes. I hope to catch up with you next year, I enjoy the show and dabble in making my own at home with Everclear (I know it ain’t the same, but damn close). Email me your racing schedule.


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