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By | June 3, 2017

Reality TV start Justin Martin revealed his net worth including bio from age, source of wealth, girlfriend turned wife and yearly salary from his business. Working at Duck Commander doing Duck Hunting, Justin Martin became famous by his appearance on A&E’s hit reality Show Duck Dynasty featuring the lives of Robertson Family.

Justin Martin

Full Name Justin Martin
Birth Date August 26, 1985
Nationality American
Net Worth $500 Thousand
Source of Income Duck Commander
Annual Salary $100 Thousand
Ethnicity White
Wife Brittany Martin

Justin Mark was born and brought up in United States. Since childhood, he was very much inclined towards Duck hunting and he grew up watching Robertson doing Duck Hunting.  He first met the Robertson family when he was in high school. At that time, he did not have beard as the school did not allow the football players to have a beard. He liked Christmas and waited for it so that he could keep beard for two weeks and for full year till duck season got over.

Justin graduated from Louisiana in Wood Duck Nesting and it was just by chance as he gave GRE exam just 2 days prior to the opening of his Grad school session. He then attained master degree in it as well.      

Justin met Phil and Kay Robertson in a house Church almost before a decade. He started working at Duck Commander from 2008 and is still with the Robertson family. He considers them as his own Family. He knew Willie Robertson even before he started working for them. Therefore, his great comrade with Willie and as time passed he could make friends with all members in the family. He has seen on to the show with Missy Robertson, Jessica Robertson and Jase Robertson.

Justin have a big Body type and that is why he often referred to as Friar Tuck. He is seen picking up heavy equipments due to his big size. He do duck calls and hunting as part f his job. Robertson family call by his last name, Martin. His relations are so cordial that he even hang out with them, play golf, cook and do various others things as a family member. The show changed his life as people now recognize him and has given him more fame.

He is very attached to his beard. In fact, it is his priceless possession. He do admit that it is good when it is windy but itchy in summers. His clothes get saved from spoiling because of his beard taking up all the food he had.

Justin openly admitted to being in a relationship with Brittany and got engaged in 2014.  Justin proposed Brittany with a diamond ring. They both got married in the year 2015. Justin Martin has been working for Duck Commander for over 10 years now. His major source of income has been through his job at Duck Commander.

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