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By | December 14, 2016

It might looks like Karen Gravano has a huge net worth but she has only $400 thousand. Her wiki tells about her earning, boyfriend name, real age info. Karen Gravano is a reporter of USA but she famous as the daughter of Salvatore Gravano, the reality television star. “Mob Wives”, the popular VH1 show is the source of fame of Karen. Her father Sammy is a mafia boss and Keren is also from the same crime family. Karen also appeared on the show. But she separately appeared on popular tv show called “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 6” with her real boyfriend Storm. They share a long-term relationship and they are on the reality platform just to fix the issues of their relationship.

Karen Gravano Net Worth

Name Karen Gravano
Net Worth $400,000
Source of Income TV Personality
Annual Salary $40,000
Monthly Income $3,000
Weekly Income $750
Birth Date May 8, 1972
Ethnicity White
Height 1.73 m
Weight 70 kg
Boyfriend Storm
Ex-Boyfriend N/A

As her famous father is in jail now for 19 years as he is a renowned mob informant and responsible of 19 murder. Karen appeared on almost every season of Mob Wives. Karen is from a mafia family and was a drug victim even she was in the probation for three years due to the drug issue. Karen is a good writer of two high selling publications. One of them is of course about her life journey, “In the Shadow of the Bull” and the second one is “Gang Daughter: The Mafia Sammy”. She is the owner of $ 400 thousand and the royalties of these books are also a source of her wealth.

Karen Gravano with her boyfriend Storm

Whatever people says about the net worth of Karen Gravano, but this is also truth that whatever amount she has now has been earned through her hard work.

Thin Quick Support, the pill for hunger killing, Karen is the representative of the product and she has her own health Spa. Her health spa is quite popular among the elite class people. This spa of Arizona is not for every people, it is quite expensive and everybody needs prior booking or appointment to visit that. Karen is from Brooklyn, New York where she was born on 15th October 1976. She is the daughter of Sammy Gravano and Debra Scibetta and she has another sibling Gerard Gravano, who is also of the same crime structure. Karen had a seven-year-long relationship with Lee. Lee is the husband of popular makeup artist Drita D’ Avanzo but then they broke up and Karen found her new love, Strom. Karen has a daughter with her ex-fiancé David Seabrook and her name is Karina. David was her partner of crime on the drug issue.

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