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By | October 4, 2016

The fitness model Kayla Itsines has a net worth of $7 million and is a Instagram personality. Find out her wiki, family, salary, house, diet to boyfriend name. Apart from modeling, Itsines is also a fitness expert. Her videos of workouts and fitness regimes have gained popularity with time due to quick results. She is also considered as an effective entrepreneur and make good money.

Kayla Itsines Net Worth

Name Kayla Itsines
Birth Date May 21, 1991
Height 1.64 m
Weight 52 Kg
Net Worth $7 Million
Source of Income Fitness Trainer
Annual Salary $1.7 Million
Monthly Income $145,000
Weekly Income $36,200
Ethnicity White
Boyfriend Under Review

Kayla was born in Adelaide, Australia, her birth date being 21 March. She had a very humble beginning. Her mother worked at a fish shop and her helped learning difficulty children in her free time. Itsines father taught English as a foreign language. Her parents were originally from Greece.

Itsines was athletic from her childhood and wanted to pursue a career in fitness and diet which was much opposed by her grandparents as they felt the profession was not suited for a woman. Soon after procuring a training certificate from Australian Institute of Fitness in 2008, she started working at a local all-woman gym. There she supervised and trained women with various body issues.

While working there, Itsines noticed that majority of the women were not very satisfied with the workout results and soon lost patience to continue with the laborious regimes. They wanted area specific results. With this thought in mind, Itsines started researching on the problem and came up with her own set of workout regimes and diet plans. She was lucky enough to have the gym space all by herself for sometime where she could use her own exercise drills to use on the customers craving for a bikini body.

Kayla Itsines fitness

Over a short period of time, Itsines realized that women in the gym are getting faster and better results with her workout plans and that’s when she decided to open up her own workout station her own way. She discontinued working and invested time to build her own business in fitness. Her then boyfriend inspired and insisted her with the first fitness e-book, which sold in hundreds over a short span of time in 2013. This gave her immense confidence and gradually she came up with her own website with exercise routine videos, e-books and healthy eating recipe books and also freebies and local activities. She also became a popular face on Instagram and other social networking sites.

Itsines named her community as the Bikini Body Group which has millions of women across the globe. She is an avid blogger and has a well maintained website with photographic evidence of dramatic transformation of women. She has specialized meal plans, targeted exercise routines coupled with weekly track records and progressive photographs as her specialty which has made her more popular and famous.

She own a Siberian Huskey as a pet dog and go for a long beach walk during weekend time.

kayla itsines with her dog

So now its clear that Kayla Itsines earned a net worth of $7 million and its still counting!! Itsines dated Tobi Pearce and finds him to be the inspiration behind her first move into the world of fitness through the web. She had initially difficulty dealing with her website, getting thousands of mails every day. Tobi helped her out with his knowledge in technology and is still handling her online presence. She has several celebrities who have signed in for her programme. This 23 year old has a long way go with all her energetic moves and innovative ideas about making fitness regimes more fun way of dealing with body issues and loving oneself.

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