Kim Yuna Net Worth

By | August 30, 2016

Former skater Kim Yuna has an updated net worth of $21 million. Born in 1990, she is from South Korea, draw handsome salary – find her age, boyfriend name as on 2017. Kim Yuna is a famous South Korean figure skater popular for her speed, creativity moves and consistency. Standing 5.4 feet tall, she has taken the world in her stride with her striking sense of rhythm.

Kim Yuna

Name Kim Yuna
Net Worth $21 Million
Source of Income Figure skater
Annual Salary $2.5 Million
Monthly Income $208,000
Weekly Income $52,000
Daily Income $7,400
Birth Date September 5, 1990
Ethnicity  N/A
Height 1.65 m
Weight 47 Kg
Boyfriend Kim Won Joong
Ex-Boyfriend  N/A

Kim Yuna was born as Kim Yuna but during the processing of her passport, her surname was spelt wrong and thus Yuna was coined for her. She was born in September and is 25 years old. Her birthplace was in Bucheon, Gyeonggi in South Korea. When she was 6 years her family moved to Gunpo. Yuna took immense interest in skating and started taking lessons in the same in South Korea and later from Toronto where she stayed for four years. She started skating from the age of five years. She attended the Korea University but received two F’s due to her negligence in studies and being absent for several days.

It is estimated that Kim Yuna drew a salary of $9.7 million per year and a $7.5 million for the Olympics. Yuna currently resides in Seoul, South Korea.

Yuna became popular for her speed and triple-triple jumps which were methodical and neat every time. She went on to winning two gold, two silver and two bronze in World Championships and one gold and one silver in the Olympics. She bagged several other medals in Grand Prix and World Junior Championships and Four Continent Championships. Yuna’s first coach was Shi-Hae-Sook and Chi-Hyun-Jung was the last coach she worked with. David Wilson, Garnett and Chi-Hyun were her choreographers at various points of her career. Yuna was the member of the skating club N.E.W. Ice Palace. She retired from the sport in 2014.

After facing severe skating injuries, Yuna turned a Roman Catholic in 2008. This was solely due to the reason that during her recovery a Roman Doctor and a Catholic nun supported her all throughout to regain her normal life. She carried a rosary ring every time during her performances. She was given the confirmation name Stella Maris. Yuna donated $3.1 million in charity. Apart from her professional career in skating, Yuna endorsed several products like Nike, Samsung, Hyundai, Any Call, Korean Air, Saffron to name a few. She completed her skating music and released with the name Fairy On Ice. She also appeared as a host for Kiss & Cry and sang a duet titled Smile Boy for Big Bang Band. In Los Angeles, August 7th is celebrated as Yu-Na-Kim Day. She became the Sportswoman of the year in 2010.

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