Ksenia Solo

By | March 23, 2016

The current net worth of Canadian actress Ksenia Solo has been revealed. Born in 1987, Ksenia Solo received appreciation for her performance on Lost Girl TV Series. Having an extensive background in dancing helped land her way to her first feature film in Hollywood with an acclaimed director. She played an effective villain to the lead role of an aspiring ballet dancer that is battling with her inner fears and personal issues.

Ksenia Solo Salary in 2017: $500,000
Source of Income:
Ksenia Solo Net Worth: $3,000,000
Birthday Date: October 8, 1987
Monthly Income: $41,600
Weekly Cash flow: $10,410
Daily Income: $1,490

The psychological thriller was her ticket to stardom and celebrity status in Hollywood. She then starred as one of the leading actresses for a TV series adaptation of a best-selling book. This coveted role gave her an acting nomination and her very first best supporting actress award.

Because of a spine injury sustained during her teen age years, she was not able to finish her professional dancing course. She turned her sights on pursuing an acting career and even went as far as theatrical acting to enrich her work portfolio. She went on to star in another hit TV series that deals with Sci-Fi fantasy theme. While there is no declaration of any business that she has ventured in, it can be assumed that the bulk of her earnings mostly came from het hit movies, numerous TV lead roles, and guest appearances on prime time talk shows. She started her career way back in 2000 and has always been visible to showbiz events and awards nights. She works for various social advocates that support discrimination on teens and anti bullying. When not busy filming, the Russian born actress spends time with her family who is now based in Canada.

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