Latoya Jackson Net Worth after Divorce in 2017

By | November 21, 2016

It’s confirmed that the singer Latoya Jackson net worth is of $4 million as per Forbes. Born in Indiana, she was married once and now engaged with Jeffre Phillips . Hailing from the famous Jackson family, Latoya Jackson is a female of multi-dimensional talents. Not only is she a popular singer and songwriter but she is also a famous model, actress and television personality. This beauty shows her brains as well with being a successful author and a businesswoman. 

Latoya Jackson Net Worth

Name La Toya Yvonne Jackson
Net Worth $4 Million
Source of Income Singer
Annual Salary $180,000
Monthly Income $15,000
Weekly Income $3,700
Birth Date May 29, 1956
Ethnicity African-American
Height 1.64 m
Weight 55 kg
Boyfriend Jeffre Phillips
Ex-Husband Jack Gordon (1989–1997)

Born on 1956, in Indiana, she is the fifth child of Joseph and Katherine. She has nine other siblings. Interestingly, she was sent away from the family after her accusation of her father physically abusing her. As a teenager, she dreamt of becoming a lawyer and even got herself enrolled in a law college. Finally, she quit the college and decided to pursue the show business, giving in to the desires of her father and family.

She was first spotted in the famous sitcom, ‘The Jacksons’. She even teamed up with her legendary sister Janet Jackson to form a musical group but two ladies with a mind of their own could not stick together. Her serious career and popularity rose in the 1980s when she released her self-titled debut album which featured amongst the top in all charts across Europe and America. Her nine other albums were released before the new century which cemented her popularity. After a long gap, she again released her music album in 2004 with her successful albums continuing till 2011.

Latoya Jackson with her boyfriend Jeffre Phillips

In the end of eighties, she developed a passion for modeling and even had her topless photograph in the ‘Playboy’ magazine. Simultaneously, her career as a television actress grew when she appeared in a number of reality shows. Today, she has become a successful entrepreneur as well. As an author, she released her first book, ‘La Toya: Growing up in the Jackson family’ in 1991.

Latoya’s personal life has also made several headlines. It is believed that she was forced to marry her former manager Jack Gordon in 1989 and he physically hurt her when she tried to seek an annulment. She finally succeeded in getting divorced from him in 1997 on grounds of prolonged physical and mental abuse. She had even claimed of hack making her work against her will to mint money through her. Currently, residing in Beverly Hills, California, she has the distinction of being the first female of the Jackson family to carve out a famous personality niche all by herself.

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