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By | July 30, 2017

Find out about LDShadowlady from her birthday to wiki. Check out her height, age, family, real name, boyfriend, net worth, siblings and facts. Elizabeth officially known as LDShadowLady is a very famous gamer on YouTube. She was born on 7th October,1992 in the United Kingdom. Though much is not known about her personal life as she never disclosed any such information, even her full name is not known by many. LDShadowLady aka Lizzie likes to keep her personal life private and doesn’t like sharing much info with her followers. She is the most followed gamer on YouTube with over 2 million followers.


Full Name Elizabeth
Birth Date October 7, 1992
Nationality British
Height 5’3”
Net Worth $500 Thousand
Source of Income You Tube Star
Annual Salary $150 Thousand
Sibling Maddie
Children N/A
Ethnicity White
Boyfriend SmallishBeans

This young lady decided to earn in an interesting way, and she has achieved what she wanted. YouTube pays per number of views, and this young lady has posted 900+ videos on her YouTube channel and with over 2 million subscribers, it won’t be incorrect to say that she manages to earn in millions.

LDShadowLady has a younger sister named Maddie and she used to live with her sister and father in Virginia, but now she has moved North of England and is living with her boyfriend Joel. Joel is also a famous gamer on YouTube and the couple met at a gaming convention where Lizzie was blown away by Joel’s dance moves. She loves cats and has also kept her pet cat along with her boyfriend. So the three are staying happily. Lizzie devoted her 3 years to Liverpool John Moores. She studied Computer animation and visualization from the university and graduated with a second upper- class degree. She released a video named Draw My Life and shared a bit about her personal life in that video. LDShadowLady states that she chose this name as it was her XBOX Gamertag at that time. She started her YouTube channel at an early age of 17.

When started with her channel posting clips of Duty games only, she managed to gather 300 subscribers within few months, which is a commendable task to accomplish. The channel was started in the year 2010 and within few years this young gamer has crossed a whopping 2 million subscriber mark. Lizzie plays with her boyfriend Joel. Lizzie is also known for her hair dyeing during her videos, which she posts around 1 or 2 in a week, mostly she is seen with pink hair and sometimes purple.

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