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By | January 8, 2018

LeafyisHere is a Youtuber whose real name is Calvin Vail has a net worth of $70,000 at just 22 year old. Find out his wiki including age, house and family. This cool American lad by the internet name LeafyisHere has been in the spotlight for quite sometime now. He has successfully amassed a huge number of fan followings through his rich gaming content and has been popular as an expert video gamer and a streamer.

LeafyisHere 's net worth and salary info

Full Name Calvin Lee Vail
Birth Date August 18, 1995
Nationality  American
Height 5.6 feet / 1.73 m
Parents ¬†–
Estimated Net Worth $70,000
Source of Income You Tube Personality
Estimated Annual Salary $45,000
Sibling N/A
Children N/A
Ethnicity White
Girlfriend Single

Calvin Lee Vail known by the name LeafyisHere was born on 18 August, 1995 in Layton, Utah. He was raised here and attended a local school. By age 22 he decided to shift base to Seattle, Washington, United States and currently resides here. At age 16, Calvin started his first YouTube channel formerly known by the name Minecraft Gameplay. His videos were known for his satirical remarks while playing the game and were an instant hit amongst the youth. He later went on to post videos on pop culture and various social issues.

He is just 22 year old and LeafyisHere net worth is already reaches $70,000 at this young age. While his estimated annual salary is $40,000. No wonder if he will buy a brand new house in couple of years.

Vail has played and made videos on his commentaries for various games like Doom, Overwatch, A Story About My Uncle, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and many more. Although popular, Vail has faced major criticism for his video post The Saddest Man on YouTube where he commented on MrBlackDarkness666 in 2016. This led to a series of hot exchanges amongst a group of Yo9uTubers leading to an apology from Vail.

Vail surprisingly has developed a fan community where he has been successful in making his fans believe that he is the product of a reptilian lab experiment but he himself is not a reptile. More surprisingly his fans have petitioned on Change.org to help Vail find his true reptilian ancestry or identity.

Vail has been vlogging for about more than 16 years now with occasional posts on Twitch. He has a whooping 4.3 million subscribers on his channel and has over 91k followers on Instagram. He loves traveling and hops around United States and Europe quite frequently.

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