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By | November 29, 2016

Malaysian Badminton player Lee Chong Wei’s net worth is $45 million. Started learning badminton at 11, today he is married, own luxury car in 2017. Being a professional badminton player, Lee is ranked the third highest badminton player in the world.  He scored the silver medal at the Olympics of 2008. Both 2012 and 2016 were the golden years for Lee Chong Wei as he won Olympics medals in both the events simultaneously.

Lee Chong Wei net worth

Name Dato Lee Chong Wei
Net Worth $45 Million
Source of Income Badminton player
Annual Salary $6 Million
Monthly Income $500,000
Weekly Income $125,000
Birth Date October 21, 1982
Ethnicity N/A
Height  1.74 m
Weight 60 kg
wife Wong Mew Choo (2012)
Ex-Girlfriend N/A

Lee Chong Wei is one of the richest badminton players and he falls in the category of the Top 10 richest names. Lee  has a net worth of about $45 million and counting. He also has huge acres of land where he has his property and assets. Every new brand tries to capture his face and he is a sensation in the world of badminton.Lee Chong Wei with his wife Wong Mew Choo

Lee Chong Wei started his career as a basketball player but his only title in the years 2002 and 2003 in the Malaysian Opens gave him a chance to be the first ever Malaysian to receive that title. In 2005 Worlds Championship, he won the bronze medal and brought laurels to his country. His track record is that he always won at least 3 titles in every game that he has played. He has also tasted defeat many a times but that did not bring his confidence level down. In 2009, he could not win the India Open because he suffered from food poisoning and he came down to bed.

Lee Chong Wei's Ferrari F430

Lee Chong Wei’s Ferrari F430

In 2013, Lee Chong Wei broke the Malaysian Open which was won by Wong Peng Soon and became the champion. He also won the Korean title for the third time in a row. Lee Chong Wei had bad luck most of the times when he had to taste defeat after reaching the semi finals. He won the Indonesian Open six times in arow. In the year 2016, Lee Chong Wei got the chance to lead the country at the Olympics ground. But, he was not lucky enough to have won the gold medal at the Olympics.

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