Lexa Doig Net Worth

By | September 10, 2016

Lexa Doig is a Canadian actress whose net worth is today $500 thousand. She is married to Michael Shanks, has 2 children & getting handsome salary today. The real name of this legendary actress is Alexandra Lecciones Doig, but she is popularly known as Lexa Doig but for fans, she is just the Rowan, the character portrayed by her in the science fiction thrilling and horror movie Jason X. People also remember her as an actress of Andromeda, a popular television series. Her all time hit venture in the glamor world is ‘’Friday the 13th”, a shivering horror movie series.

Lexa Doig

Name Alexandra Lecciones Doig
Net Worth $0.5 Million
Source of Income Acting
Annual Salary $100,000
Monthly Income $8,000
Weekly Income $2,000
Birth Date June 8, 1973
Ethnicity English, Scottish, Irish, and Filipino
Height 1.68 m
Weight 52 kg
Husband Michael Shanks

Toronto, the capital of Canada is the birthplace of this phenomenal artist and the date was 8th June 1973. Gloria her mother from the medical world, though she was a professional nurse and her father was a technical person, an engineer. She has the excellence in rhythmic gymnastics, which she learned from her childhood days. She has started her creative career from the age of six by directing and creating the story of the school plays.  She is a high school dropout and she did this just because of her passion for acting. She has started her career journey when she was just sixteen years old but not as an actress, she started the career as a model, eventually, she has moved to the acting career and proved herself as a brilliant movie and television actress. Her first assignment was ‘’Tekwar’’. She has made a big worth from her career, which is $ 500 thousand.

On her acting triumph Andromeda, she has met her love of life Michael Shanks, her co-actor in this show. After a three years long courtship period, the love birds of film world go married. They have two children now and their fairy tale love story continues with the note of ‘lived happily ever after’. She is a completely dedicated mother of her children, even her step child and a dedicated family person too.She also has some charity venture; she always helps the poor people. She is a bookworm, whenever she gets the time she spends it by reading books or playing video games.

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