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By | November 24, 2016

Light brown color eyes actress Linda Cardellini net worth is $3 million. Check out her wiki, real age, salary, to current boyfriend in 2017. An American model and a voice actress, Linda Cardellini is known for her great performances and she has a great voice because of which she gets chances to lend her voice for many films. She has done live actions for Scooby doo films and she is well recognised for that. Some of her feature films include Netflix, Bloodline, a series named as Mad Men. She has lent her voice for many cartoon films such as Regular Shows, Gravity Falls, etc. Linda Cardellini Net Worth

Name Linda Edna Cardellini
Birth Date June 25, 1975
Net Worth $3 Million
Source of Income Acting
Annual Salary $260,000
Monthly Income $21,000
Weekly Income $5,200
Ethnicity Irish Italian, German, English and Scottish
Height 1.60 m
Weight 57 Kg
Boyfriend Steve Rodriguez
Ex-Boyfriend Justin Rogina (2008)
Jason Segel (2001 – 2007)
Nicholaus Goossen

Listed as among the richest celebrities , Linda Cardellini net worth estimated $3 million. She has a huge property and assets worth millions. She earns a huge amount of money from her films and television commercials. She is also associated with some charity organisations where she provides donations.Linda Cardellini with her boyfriend sSteve Rodriguez

Linda Cardellini started her first appearances when she was in the young age of 10. She even took many drama lessons in school and participated in many competitions. She got her big role in the year 1995 when she acted as Sarah in Bone Chillers. Then she got her opportunity when she got the chance to act in NBC series. She lent her voices in many video games. Some feature films where she lent her voice were Good Burger, Strange Land, happy Madison, etc.

Linda Cardellini’s House

Beautiful house of Linda Cardellini

She has also done many stage shows and people love her performances. Linda received many nominations and won many awards. Acting was her life and she could fulfill all her wishes. She is active on many social media sites where she replies to her fans and she has a huge fan following. Freaks and Geeks was her best commercial that she has done. She is very beautiful and she does her roles with sincerity and confidence. She has also done her roles in Avengers and many of her films have backed awards. She married in the year 2013 and she gave birth to a beautiful girl.

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