List of 10 Richest Radio Personalities in the World

By | November 10, 2016

Here is the updated list of Richest Radio Personality who are counted among the top 10 in terms of earning in 2017. They are highest paid & earning good $. The platform of radio was outdated a few years back but now it is back with modern channels and techniques and it also makes a big audience by some great shows.  The profession of radio jockey is also very exciting and yet very popular now.  So many people from the different corner of the world have picked the career of radio jockey not just to fulfill their passion but also to make money.

Richest Radio Personalities

There is a big list of celebrities from the radio adobe who are counted among the richest peoples of the world. So let’s check out who are the richest radio personalities as per the Forbes:

  1. Howard Stern

Howard Stern

Howard Stern is the most popular face in this genre. He has a big success rate, popularity and of course massive wealth. His net worth is $ 620 million, which he earned from his splendid radio and television career. His “The Howard Stern Show” is a trend changing radio show, the most popular one from the platform. He broadcasted on Sirius XM Radio. He started his career twenty years back and then it was a gorgeous career journey to reach the ultimate goal of his career. He is also in the National Radio Hall of Fame.

  1. Rush Limburg

Rush Limbaugh

A man with $ 410 million net worth, this is how we can describe the showman of “The Rush Limburg Show”. This American entertainer has chosen his passion as his career and became the star of radio. From the KFBK radio station of America, he started his career and the rest is just history for him. Rush has millions of listeners of his radio show.

  1. Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

“The Glenn Beck Show”, is one of the most popular radio shows, and Glenn Beck is the man behind the show. Glenn Beck, the man with $ 250 million net worth, is not just a radio jockey but also a bestselling author and the founder of Mercury Radio Arts.

  1. Anne Sinclair

Anne Sinclair

Anne Sinclair is the star from European radio world. This stunning radio host has made $ 200 million net worth from her triumphant radio career.  She broadcasted from Europe 1, the largest radio network in Europe.

  1. Harry Shearer 

Harry Shearer

He started his career as a child actor but now he is recognized as a radio host to the world. His radio presentation “The Le Show” is really very popular and he also popular as a voice artist. Harry also has a successful movie career as an actor. His dazzling career has given him $ 65 million net worth.

  1. Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is an American radio personality, author, and businessman too. His net worth is $ 55 million. His show “The Dave Ramsey Show” runs by over 500 radio stations in Canada and America. It is a super duper hitsyndicated radio show. It is also very popular live on YouTube.

  1. Robin Quivers Robin Quivers

Robin is an author, actress and a radio personality who co-hosts the “The Howard Stern Show” and she has the $ 45 million of net worth along with her $ 10 million yearly salaries.

  1. Michael Medved 

Michael Medved

He is another rich radio host, who hosts the “The Michael Medved Show”. It is a very popular show from the Saleem Radio Network of U.S. Michel is also a screenwriter, film critic, and political commentator. He has $35 million net worth.

  1. Tom Joyner

Tom Joyner

The founder of Reach Media Inc. is also a radio host, who runs his own popular radio show “The Tom Joyner Morning Show”. Another responsible work of his career is the founder of Tom Joyner Foundation and The net worth of this popular radio host is $ 30 million.

  1. Steve Merchant

Steve Merchant

Comedian, director, actor and radio host, Steve Merchant is multi-talented personality. He presents the “Ricky Gervais Show” as a co-host. This California-based comedian acted in many films and his net worth is $30 million.

Sr. No. Name Net Worth
1 Howard Stern $ 620 million
2 Rush Limburg $ 410 million
3  Glenn Beck $ 250 million
4 Anne Sinclair $ 200 million
5 Harry Shearer $ 65 million
6 Dave Ramsey $ 55 million
7 Robin Quivers $45 million
8 Michael Medved $ 35 million
9 Tom Joyner $ 30 million
10 Steve Merchant $ 30 million

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