List of Most Expensive Headphones in the World

By | September 14, 2016

Wanted to know about world’s most expensive headphones exists in this world then make sure to check out this list that has been updated in 2017 as per Brands. Earbuds, the obvious part of the modern lifestyle, you could find most of the people are walking, working or even spending the leisure time with the headphones, it is a smart option to listen to the music or conversation with friends.

5 Most Expensive Headphones

List of Most Expensive Headphones in the World

No matter, wherever you are, on the train, bus or on the road, the headphone is your obvious companion. It is the high-end audio option for everyday use. There are a big number of headphones, which are very much high in price and quality. So let’s have a look to the most expensive Earbuds ever in below provided list:

Sennheiser Orpheus

Sennheiser Orpheus It is the most expensive headphone of the world. But it is not only about its pricing, also about the quality. The Woo audio has changed the whole idea of a headphone, with new and improved technology, the handcrafted amplification with a sonic boom, accumulated with almost 6000 machineries, this piece has become a magic wand for music lovers. This $50,000 product is just a few of its kind and just a next step to listening mechanism. A must buy collection of a lifetime for music lovers.

Shure SE846

Shure SE846This is really something fascinating and it’s not about money but it’s about the unique designer look of this headphone. This masterpiece is all about high technology accumulated to soothing your ear. While listening to music with this headphone you will not only enjoy the music but will be comfortable with your ears too. This unique headphone cost almost $1,120 and believe it or not, you will never feel cheated after buying it.

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Stax SR-009      

Stax SR-009This new era Earphone is for unlimited soothing music which changes the world of sound technology. It made out of the new type of electrodes called Multi-Layer ElectRodes   or MLER. This millennium headphone is clearly an advancement & fusion of art and technology. This piece cost about $4,450 which surely a value for money and definitely a good collection.


Abyss AB-1266

Abyss AB-1266It’s not only about a better way of listening melody but this new generation headphone actually, reproduce the music. With the combination of finest technology and art, this USA product is a big hit in the market of a listening system. With low carbon steel front baffle to high power neodymium magnets, best quality leather ear pads to distinctive aluminum sides, high-quality finish to polished metal, everywhere you will find the combined touch of artistic looks and modern technology. The company also provides the nice leather carry case engraved company name and logo with extra room for other electronics item like iPad etc. along with the headphones. This masterpiece earphone priced at least $5,450 and undoubtedly value for money.

Final Sonorous X

Final Sonorous XIt’s all about the clarity and brightness of this headphone. Surely the looks, the finish, the curve will make anyone eager to buy this product. Sonorous-X is a prestige model of the series and definitely, it did keep its reputation. The headphone is a combination with best of the metal used like titanium diaphragm, pure aluminum front plate and most of the principle parts made out of stainless steel and aluminum to give it a new high for the intelligence of realism.  This kudos model almost cost $7,000.

Sr. No. Brand Price
1 Sennheiser Orpheus $50,000
2 Final Sonorous X $7,000
3 Abyss AB-1266 $5,450
4 Stax SR-009 $4,450
5 Shure SE846 $1,120

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