Lucas Cruikshank Net Worth – Family, Girlfriend 2017

By | September 27, 2016

The young Youtube star Lucas Cruikshank net worth is $5 million. Born in 1993, he is also an actor, check his real age, girlfriend name to early income in 2017.  Lucas Cruikshank is a teenage idol, popular American actor. To reach for his fans heart, he has chosen another pathway, YouTube. He is a popular YouTube personality as well. Just like the character of Fred Figglehorn, he also has grabbed the attention and love of his fans.

Lucas Cruikshank net worth

Name Lucas Alan Cruikshank
Net Worth $5 Million
Source of Income Acting
Annual Salary $90,000
Monthly Income $75,000
Weekly Income $18,700
Birth Date August 29, 1993
Ethnicity Irish, German, Scottish
Height 1.73 m
Weight 65 kg
Boyfriend Matthew Fawcus

His outstanding performance in the Fred Series is too much popular. It is a show for the video sharing modern surface, YouTube. This 1993 born has gained $5 million net worth by his 12 years long career. Another significant work of his career is Marvin Marvin.

He is the creator of Fred Channel, a glorious part of YouTube. It was just the beginning of his most successful career. He also created his movie in the year of 2009, ‘Fred, The Movie’. This movie was a comedy blockbuster of Nickelodeon channel. It was so much popular, thus he has produced the sequel of the movie, Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred. It was also aired on the kids channel Nickelodeon. The character of Fred has given so much fame to this young guy. He also presented the character in a show, ‘Fred: The Show’ which is another glittering part of his career.

Cute looking actor Lucas Cruikshank

Nebraska is the place where this young and cute actor was born and raised up. He belongs from a big family; he has five sisters and two brothers as well. His mother Molly Jeanne and Father Dave Alan Cruikshank was from Colombia, USA. He was a student of Lakeview High School but he is at the height of popularity, from his age of six years. He is a very lively but talented young man. His personal life is like an open book to media and his fans. He is actually a gay by nature and he is not a little bit of afraid to accept it in front of the camera or media. He is also a part of television kids series Hannah Montana and Supah Ninjas. He also released his comedy albums and he is committed to promoting many products and movies, also promote his own T-Shirts and other interesting products. This young hunk has launched his own channel ‘’Lucas’’ in the year 2010 too.

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