Mark Bowe – Net Worth, Wiki, Wife, Age

By | May 4, 2017

Find out about Mark Bowe whose net worth has been revealed. Check out his wiki, height, age, wife name, source of wealth who got fame from Barnwood Builders. He is a reality television star who has featured on the DIY network show, Barnwood Builders. He is one of the hosts of the popular reality show. He was a coal miner, when he was in his college, Virginia University. He is a well-educated person and has completed his bachelor degree in Business Administration and has earned the masters degree in Safety Management.

Mark Bowe

Full Name Mark Bowe
Nationality American
Height 5.10 Feet
Parents Under Review
Net Worth $1 Million
Source of Income TV Shows
Annual Salary $300 Thousand
Ethnicity White
Wife Cindy

He got his Masters degree from WUV College. He is Glasgow and was brought up there too. But now he lives in Greenbrier Country with his family. Before joining the reality television crew, he worked in various sectors including as an insurance agent, Safety, and HR Director

He is a talented man and can all kind of raps in a tone of country Twang. Another interest of his life is basketball; he is a very good basketball player. He always wanted to live his dream so he opened his own company, Antique Cabins and Burns in the year 1995 and the success of his own company made his way to reached on television. He has a group of artistic people and they have the record to make more than 400 structures on pioneer-era. He is passionate about his work to give the old structure a new look. Many of the ancient structures have descended due to time and climate. Bowe and his team are constantly trying to salvage the antique cabins and barns before the deformation. Their main desire is to give a look and structures to the structures, which are nearly worn out. Their projects are not very easy but need so much time and hard work. According to Mark and his great craftsmen crew, they are “6 good-natured hillbillies who know a thing or two about wood”.

But actually, they are the master craftsmen and know every bit of wood and do the chores as well. The show is on its third season and this is only because of the casts of the show mostly the protagonist, Mark Bowe. According to Mark, the most exciting and his favorite work on the show is when they made the cabins and barns in the Canyon of the Ancient in Southwest Colorado.

10 thoughts on “Mark Bowe – Net Worth, Wiki, Wife, Age

  1. Debra Taylor

    I just love Barnwood Builders. They do some amazing things.

  2. janice scribner

    My husband and i love the show so talented are you and your men.a delight to watch.

  3. Gerald Carver, M.D.

    Mark, Just wanted to let u know how much joy u bring people with your show. It’s one of the few left that children can watch. I LOVE log cabins! We had one in Ga. for few years. If I was younger I would have you build another one without doubt. Your team is amazing. They feed off a great leader and the love and joy the group shows is a thing to behold. Keep on keepin on to greater heights. Thank you!!!

  4. Donna Cothren

    Would really love to see the house u built from that barn yall took down

  5. Patricia

    Other than going to church watching
    Your show is one of the most refreshing things I do

  6. T. Kirkpatrick

    I recently started watching Barnwood Builders. Love the show & find what they do interesting & try to learn their “lingo”. Watch show all the time now. Hope it stays on for a long time. All the guys seem like smart, nice people. They know their craft๐Ÿ˜. By the way, hope we get to see Mark’s new house.

  7. Teresa farmer

    The show is very educational,I enjoy watching it. I didn’t know anything about barns I thought you just tore them down. Who knew.

  8. Diana Deiley

    I admire Mark’s passion for the original structure and his respect for those who built them. His integrity is sincere. It’s wonderful to watch a man and his crew carefully disassemble an old beauty with such respect. They keep history alive and the families that created them. I now know what Stinkin Chinkin means. ๐Ÿ™‚ Blessing to Mark, his crew and their families for sharing everything with us. Can’t wait to see Mark’s finished log cabin barn.

  9. Jan Tomaschefsky

    This 78 yr. old female enjoys your show and never miss one. All the wonderful people who have recently posted has summed up everything I wanted to say, so thank you to them. Give all your crew a warm hug, their great.


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