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By | October 4, 2017

Heard of hoarders who spend a fortune and a huge amount of time on things you will simply toss down the window? People who have difficulty letting go of their things and keep them safe years after years and have difficulty in parting with the things? Yes then here is a person who has dedicated his entire life and his workspace managing the homes of the hoarders!

Matt Paxton

Full Name Matt Paxton
Nationality American
Height 6 feet / 1.84 m
Net Worth $2 Million (about)
Source of Income TV Personality and Entrepreneur
Annual Salary $600 Thousand (estimated)
Ethnicity White
Wife Married, Wife name under review.

Meet Matt Paxton, an American who has become for his rare profession of helping hoarders sort out their messy home and manage their hoarding impulsivity. He is a hoarding cleaning expert who has been transforming lives of people over the last ten years and even more to come. Till date he shares his stories and experiences and claims to clean up homes with weird hoardings like 300 cats, a refrigerator full of deceased cats, 6 by 8 feet trough of rat nest, 200 chickens and a goat in one of the hoarder’s bedroom and all the weirdest things in the world.

Paxton went on to graduate from Mary Washington College in Virginia with a degree in Economics. He started working in Federal Research and then in Caesar’s Palace Casino and later went onto to try his hands on several businesses like flip flop cleaners, pre-sliced limes and even selling wetsuits, all of which failed. Paxton was left with a $100,000 debt at 30 years living off his friend’s couch. Earlier he went into depression due to several deaths in the family and underwent mental disorder therapy for quite some time. He opted for grief counseling in 2006 and soon after found pulling himself out of the mess and working for a clearer future. He appeared in popular tv show called ‘Hoarders’ .

Paxton started Clutter Cleaner in 2006 which came into existence after he helped his grandmother shift home. While helping her, Paxton reflected that cleaning old stuff with a sentiment attached to it is a difficult task and that it needs a lot of support and mental strength to do away with it. With this realization, he started helping old people move base and move on in life which gradually grew into a million dollar business foe him. Currently Paxton helps thousands of people all across the globe to get rid of their obsessive hoardings and lead a better and clutter free life. In 2009 the A&E Network aired the show Hoarders where they follow Paxton on his everyday work mission. The show shot to fame in no time but ended in 2013.

He lives at Richmond along with his wife and daughter.  Paxton loves being with his wife and three sons and spends a good time with them in Virginia. He is a motivational speaker and has changed the lives of many. He feels blessed to be in such a profession.

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