Melissa Meeks Bio, Height, Age, Net Worth, Family

By | September 12, 2017

Instagram star Melissa Meeks shared her biography including height, age, net worth, husband & family. Born in 1979, she recently filed for divorce. It wasn’t long ago, when the internet was buzzing with the news of “world’s hottest felon”. Jeremy Meeks on whom, such a title was bestowed is the husband of Melissa Meeks. They had been married for almost 9 years, but Melissa recently filed for divorce, after she found out through social media that her husband was kissing another woman in Turkey.

Melissa Meeks

Full Name Melissa Meeks
Birth Date 1979
Nationality American
Height 5’6” / 1.70 m
Net Worth $400 Thousand
Source of Income Modeling
Annual Salary $150 Thousand
Sibling N/A
Children Jeremy Meeks, Jr.
Ethnicity White
Husband Jeremy Meeks

Melissa was born as Melissa Curl in 1969. She now works as a nurse at a Juvenile Detention Centre in Oakland, California. She and Jeremy got married in 2008 and together they have one child. Jeremy is also the step father to Melissa two other children from previous relationships. Melissa is 6 years older than Jeremy but she has stated a number of times that they are crazy in love. She even stood by him, when he was convicted and send to serve a 27-month prison sentence after being arrested in June 2014, for a crime he committed in 2002. Jeremy was a high school dropout, a well-known felon, and he even has tattoos on his body that associates him with a notorious local gang. But as Jeremy’s family said, after meeting Melissa, Jeremy wanted to change himself, be a better man and leave his past behind. He married her and fathered her youngest son. When Jeremy’s mugshot became an internet sensation, Jeremy’s manager Gina Rodriguez sent Melissa to capitalize on the fame at the gossip show, Inside Edition.

It was while he was serving his prison sentence that Melissa replaced his manger, Gina, with a more worthy, Jim Jordan. Jim and Melissa focused on making Jeremy popular, so that he could lead a wealthy life after he is released. It was due to Melissa’s shrewdness that Jeremy was able to establish himself as a professional model, walking for designers in Milan Fashion Week. However, in August 2017, Melissa found out, through internet nonetheless, that Jeremy has been cheating on her with his new girlfriend, Chloe, 26-year-old daughter of Sir Philip Green. Melissa was taken aback as his social media posts revealed. As of September, 2017, Melissa has filed for divorce from Jeremy.

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