Mike Murdock Net Worth

By | February 15, 2017

Commonly known as singer, Mike Murdock is also a Pastor and today Mike Murdock net worth is nearly about $5 million. Check out his biography, and salary in 2017. He is also a popular televangelist and a respectable Pastor of Wisdom Centre Ministry. He has got most of the recognition due to his idea of prosperity theology. He is a real popular figure of America and his net worth is also very high. He has achieved $ 5 million from his great career. He appeared on television with his own show Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock. It is a famous television show on Christian wisdom.

Mike Murdock Net Worth

Name Michael Dean Mike Murdock
Net Worth $5 million
Source of Income Singing
Annual Salary $200,000
Monthly Salary $16,000
Weekly Salary $4,000
Daily Salary $570
Birth Date 18 April, 1946
Ethnicity White
Height 1.79 m/ 5.10 feet
Weight 72 kg
Wife N/A
Ex-Wife Linda Lormand

He was born on 18th April of 1946. He born and brought up in Lake Charles of Louisiana. His parents were Willie Murdock and J.E Murdock. He has attended the LaGrange High School and South Western Assemblies of God University to get his degrees but he left his college to fulfill the bigger dream. For his works, he has received an Honorary Doctorate degree from International Seminary of Florida. He was married to Linda Lormand but later they divorced. They have an adopted son Jason and there were big legal issues regarding the custody of their son.

There actually lots of works by Mike to contribute in the Christian society. He penned for many songs and books to share his views with the world. Mike’s life is with so many controversies. He is a renowned public figure of America and a face of many broadcasting channels including BET, CBN, INSP, TBN, Daystar Television Network, and Word. His own program is a weekly show of American Television. He is associated with his own Mike Murdock Evangelistic Association for preaching and he is in this genre from 1973. On 1989 was a preacher of the PTL Club and that was well known as The Jim and Tammy Show. He was the target of many other anti-Christian speakers. British Comedian John Oliver, he also attacked Mike in his show.

He is the writer of the books like The Leadership Secrets of Jesus, Jesus Was Rich Secrets of the Jesus – The Richest Man Who Ever Lived, The Law of Recognition, The Uncommon Leader, The Winning Wisdom etc. These are some masterpieces for the Christian Society of America.

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  1. Elaine Collins

    From richest city, Augusta, a tiny golf ball is worth more than a house. Man, mad at an answer machine generated years of incarceration, gassed, beaten, over medicated with wrong type of insulin almost causing death, returned home. A veteran, refused disability with multiple claims, refused homeless shelter (had food), has BASIC life needs, not perfect but doesn’t deserve it. Prayers would be appreciated, and helps of many sources. An IQ that makes avg people look idiotic, trouble in life activities, but got Olympic awards, anyone willing to GOTO bat for the veteran? J.Tom Wilson loves his Lord!

  2. Gail

    What to do during this massive Hollywood exposures of se$ual assaults by celebrities. I have a tape of a telephone conversation years ago from Mike Murdock. I was told to destroy it and let it go by him and my then pastor but of course I didn’t. Seeing Gayle King this morning with anguish talking about her collegue Charlie Rose, compels me these many years later to speak publically.

    1. Preston

      If he was inappropriate expose him. Release the tapes but seek a great, attorney’s advice first before you act. Proof is proof and someone preaching the word of God and living like Satan is a contradiction worth exposing. DO
      IT. Magic Mike has got to GO………………………..

  3. JP

    This city council lady gave me a hug and kiss 12 years ago, I felt so violated. I now think I should come out about it so the world will know how bad she is.


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