Mike O’Hearn Net Worth – Wiki, Height, Age, Facts

By | July 27, 2017

Professional bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn has now a net worth of $2.5 million. Find about his wiki from height, age, ex-wife to current girlfriend in 2017. Better known as Titan is an alluring star from the world of fitness and bodybuilding. He is a popular actor and model too. By profession, he is also a personal fitness trainer. He has won the honour of the title Fitness Model of the Year for seven times. Apart of that, this geek god has the record of winning the title Mr. Natural Universe four times and also the prestigious Gladiator title. He was the Titan in American Gladiators and the Original Gladiator both.

Mike O'Hearn Ner Worth

Name Mike O’Hearn
Birth Date 26 January 1969
Nationality American
Net Worth $2.5 million
Source of Income Bodybuilder
Annual Salary $200,000
Monthly Salary $16,600
Ethnicity White
Height 1.91 m/ 6.3 feet
Weight 115 kg
Girlfriend In a relationship with Mona Muresan
Ex-Wife Midajah

He has contributed so much to improve the health of common people; Power Bodybuilding is one of the best examples of that. He has founded that fitness training and bodybuilding program. This program is highly beneficial to improve aesthetics, hypertrophy, and strength of course.

He is a rich man now with his $ 2.5 million net worth and that he has earned from his huge hard work and determination. He lived in the Farm of Kirkland with his parents and nine siblings. He was born on 26th January 1969. Bodybuilding was his passion and choice from very early age and he bagged the Teenage Washington State Competition on his 14.

He is not just a popular personality in the bodybuilding ring but he is also a well-known face on the silver screen and television. He appeared in various films as an actor. The films where he appeared as an actor are Barbarian, Death Becomes Her, and Keeper of Time and much more. He was also in the movie World’s Finest. There also some television shows where he dazzled with his stunning presence like Always Sunny, Workaholics, and Days of our Lives etc. Battle Dome, the television show is another place where he was a competitor.

He was on the show for two years. Mike was on the front page fitness model of many famous magazines. This is not the end of his creativity actually. His talent is also not beyond YouTube, he is the Hulk of the popular video series, Epic Rap Battles of History.  He married to WCW rustling velvet Midajah O’Hearn but after their separation, he is now in a relationship with Mona Muresan.

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