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By | September 25, 2016

The handsome American singer Moby’s net worth is $32 million today. He own a house and earn around $1.5 million dollar as annual salary & had a girlfriend.  He is also a DJ, and photographer is an inspiration to many. orn in New York City in Harlen on September 11, 1965, his original name is Richard Melville Hall. Famous as the king or face of techno, Mody rose from the pack of anonymous DJ’s to get a fan following matching that of a rock star! His music is a symphonic and almost hypnotic combination of disco beats, anthemic lyrics as well as punk-rock speed which appeals to all. His nickname was given to him by his parents after his great, great uncle, author Herman Melville’s legendary novel, ‘Moby Dick’.


Name Richard Melville Hall
Net Worth $32 Million
Source of Income Singing
Annual Salary $1.5 Million
Monthly Income $125,000
Weekly Income $31,250
Daily Income $4,400
Album List Earning
Innocents (Deluxe Edition) $5,594,000
Destroyed Remixed $3,463,000
Destroyed (Deluxe Edition) $2,217,000
Wait for Me Remixes $2,020,000
Birth Date September 11, 1965
Ethnicity English and Scots-Irish
Height 1.71 m / 5.7 feet
Weight 69 kg
Wife N/A
Ex-Girlfriend Kelly Tisdale (2001-2004)

He was born when his parents were very young and lost his father in a car accident at the age of two. Post it, her then 23 year old mother, Elizabeth McBride Warner Hall moved to Darien Connecticut where he was raised by his maternal grandfather. Often left to his own devices, he got interested in music early. His interest was nurtured by his mother who was a fantastic pianist and avid record collector. He dropped his study of philosophy from Connecticut early to seek serious success in the field of music. Starting from working in a record store and playing in various local bands, he got his first taste of success as DJ when his gigs were much appreciated in several nightclubs.

Moby’s House

Moby standing in his house

In 1989 he stepped into New York City and signed a contract with Instinct Records. His first solo, ‘Mobility’ was released in 1990 but his second single ‘Go’ paved the way of his success and made him a public celebrity. His rise to success started with number of notable releases but his album ‘Play’ released in 1999, got him  unparalleled success. Of all musical instruments, guitar is what defines this charismatic man.

Apart from music, he is recognized as a man with deep Christian faith. A dedicated vegan, he is an aggressive supporter of animal rights. He is also actively involved with numerous charities and causes for children, Human Rights or even Aids. In 2004, he was awarded with IMNF’s Music Has Power Award for his endeavors towards music therapy.

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