Most Expensive Cufflinks in the World

By | September 23, 2016

Here is the updated list of Most Expensive Cufflinks in the world that is made up of 18 to 21 carat of diamonds and gold. Check its ranking based on brands. Cufflinks are actually for enhancing the style statement and elegance to the men. It is a specific ornament, specially designed for the stylish men. Expenses are very high for everything in this modern age, so the cufflinks are. Here we are going to discuss the most expensive cufflinks of the world.  These are actually a piece of jewel.

Most Expensive Cufflinks

List of Most Expensive Cufflinks in the World

Ranking Brand Cost
1 Cartier Cufflinks of King Edward’s Vlll $50 million
2 Cufflinks by Jacob and Co $4.2 million
3 Art Deco $602,4000
4 Basketball Cufflinks $162,000
5 Pentagon Cufflinks $114,000
6 Football cufflinks $96,000
7 Givenchy Phoenix $70,000
8 Michel Jackson’s Cufflinks Under Review

Cufflinks by Jacob and Co.

Cufflinks by Jacob and Co$ 4.2 million, this is the price of one pair cufflinks by the Jacob & Co. These are perfectly designed to go perfectly with your formal or your business attire.  For elegance and refinements, these are unbeatable. These actually the canary cut diamond octagon cufflinks, crafted with yellow Cape diamonds, original and 10.76 carat diamonds. The outer part of this is crafted with white gold.


Art Deco

Art DecoIt is another creativity of Jacob & Co. Dazzling diamond and white gold have made this cufflink very special. Two large and gorgeous diamonds and the unique shape have made it very special. The price is $ 602,428. It is a special piece of cufflinks for the people, who love to add style to their attire. These are actually a show stopper item for every party.


Michel Jackson’s Cufflinks

Michel Jackson’s CufflinksThis historic pair of cufflinks was wear by Michel Jackson in his glorious History World tour. The design is unique of this special pair of cufflinks, which looks like, there is two diamond studded swords and golden cap decked with the special kind of sapphires. The combination of dazzling diamond and white gold has gives it an elegant and different look. It is one of the most expensive cufflinks of the world; it was crafted and designed by Affaq Hussain, the renowned jewelry designer of London.

Cartier Cufflinks of King Edward’s Vlll

Cartier Cufflinks of King Edward’s VlllKing Edward Vlll, history remembers him for his fairy tale love story with his beautiful wife Simpson. He battled against the whole system and society to marry the love of his life and finally left his throne for marrying the lady love. Like their love story, they have another possession. The diamond and sapphire cufflinks are actually the “Hold Tight” possession of King Edward and the price of this ultra modern traditional cufflinks is $ 50 million. From an action, the billionaire businessman Wafic Said has bought it as his most ravishing possession.

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Basketball Cufflinks

Basketball CufflinksThis is another masterpiece by Jacob & Co. The design and style are very much unique.  White diamonds and white gold, these are the expensive metals which used in this product. It looks like the basketballs, so magnificent and so electrifying. It is the product is beyond money actually and the price is $162,000.


Pentagon Cufflinks

Pentagon CufflinksPentagonal layered, this is the specialty of this diamond and white gold designer cufflinks and the value of this high-end cufflinks is $114,000. The design is like a button with chain. Diamonds are beautifully crafted with a proper shape. This pair of cufflinks is for the people, who love a slick but elegant design for cufflinks.


Football cufflinks

Football cufflinksAnother piece of creativity by Jacob & Co. and it looks like two footballs are linked with a chain. It is specially designed as a respect to the football players and football coaches. 15 Carat diamond and gold has gives it a new shape and new dimension and the value of this masterpiece is $96,000.



Givenchy Phoenix

Givenchy PhoenixGivenchy, the popular designer house has made this masterpiece and the price is $70,000. It is a steel based cufflinks with studded diamonds.




These are actually the most expensive cufflink’s list. Cufflinks is a very popular choice with so many people and they can buy ordinary to expensive cufflinks through online or one can order it from designer jewelry house, to craft it with exclusive jewels.

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