Most Expensive Toilet Papers in the World

By | August 31, 2016

Here is list of Most Expensive Toilet Paper that will make you think twice. Find out their market price and which brand it belongs to. If one fancies in throwing or wasting dollars straight down the toilet or flush of your bathroom, then one needs to possess the most ridiculously expensive toilet papers or filthy expensive toilet seats. If someone is in a mood to show off his wealth or let people go crazy assessing the exact resource of his thick wallet, then toilet papers should be his most odd preference. It shows how enormously one can spend on such an insignificant thing without much difference with an expensive item.


The first of such an item will not only surprise us but will also give us innumerable scopes  to ponder how most extravagantly toilet papers can be designed to satisfy the fancy of rich. In a super seven star deluxe hotel in Dubai, toilet papers are discovered adorned with gold. The most expensive toilet seats ever. Recent trend is to put or wrap gold around any and everything to grab eye balls and also to show off. Similarly, such golden toilet papers appear sparkling and dazzling adding beauty to the whole scene. People relishing on gold would surely make a point to visit this particular hotel avail this particular  golden opportunity. This bathroom roll paper is made of 22 carat gold incurring an expense of almost 1.3 million dollars and is bound to give you an exotic feeling of royal sophistication.

Bathroom roll paper made with gold

It is made by an Australian company and the cost is a staggering 1,376,900.0 dollars. It took around 4 years to make one such roll with having gold flakes all over it. It takes a lot of patience to make one such roll.

HANEBISHO is the world’s most expensive toilet seat. If one wants to spend cash on something outrageously expensive then Hanebisho can fulfill his exorbitant demand of being extremely opulent. It is the most expensive and luxurious toilet seat across the world. It is made in Japan and it costs around 17 dollars per roll. This toilet paper is exclusively decorated with best works of art and it’s a treat to your derriere.

Hanebisho toilet paper uses in bathroom

Delicately soft and sweet scented, it stands out to be the most expensive. It is made of highest quality of wood fiber pulp imported from china and the process of its production is very similar to making pan cakes. The paper dries easily. The intricate designs on the papers are made by fastidious artists to make it appear stylish and impressive. A 3 packet of it cost 51 dollars. So this is the world’s costliest toilet paper. The packaging is done in a very unique way adding more to the cost of production.

There are few colored toilet papers that can dig a deep hole into your pocket and the Ronova colored toilet paper is softer than any other toilet seats. Its exorbitant price is due to its scent and texture , a 3pack sets one back 20 dollars but its highly colorful and vibrant. It will leave a classy touch on one’s toilet.

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