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By | October 15, 2016

The sweet  Lebanon singer Nancy Ajram net worth is now about $41 million.  She is currently married with Dr Fadi Hachem and blessed with 2 children. She is beautiful, she is stunning, she is rich and of course she has a melodious voice. Nancy is a multi-platinum recording artist and a euphonious Lebanese singer. Success came to her like a magic, she has started her career from her childhood by the support and inspiration of her father.

Nancy Ajram net worth

Name Nancy Ajram
Net Worth $41 Million
Source of Income Singer
Annual Salary $5 Million
Monthly Income $410,000
Weekly Income $102,500
Birth Date May 16, 1983
Ethnicity Arab-Palenstinian and Lebanese
Height 1.68 m
Weight 62 kg
Husband Dr. Fadi El Hachem
Ex-Boyfriend N/A

Her career has helped her to make a huge fortune of $41 million and today her yearly salary is about $5 million. Nancy journey from rag to rich not very easy at all. It was her father, who guide her through every step of her career journey. Her first successful studio record released when she was just 15 years old, it was a beginning of a success story, which continues with her collaboration with Jiji Lamara, a renowned producer. He has given a new touch to the career of Nancy with the album ‘Akhasmak Ah’. It was a smash hit. Then there was the album’ Ya Salam’, which was another big hit from her career.

Now come to her earlier life. On 16th May, 1983 she was born in Achrafitch, Lebanon. She belongs from an Orthodox Greek family. When she was 12 years old, she has started her career. She taken part in much popular reality television shows as a singer. She also won the prestigious gold medal by performing the song Umm Kulthum. Then there was the line of melodious singles, which she performed including ‘’Hobbak Allam Albiel Gheere’’.

Her career started before the Jiji collaboration with her successful music albums Mihtagalak and Sheel Oyoonak Anni. These two albums were also ahuge hit.

2004 was another significant year of Nancy’s career. Her fourth and most successful album ‘Ah W Noss’ released and she became the spokesperson and the brand ambassador of Coca-Cola. In this year she also opened the show of popular singer Enrique.

Nancy Ajram with her family

She appeared in many commercials as the model to promote the product. She has so many super successful music albums throughout her career. She got married to a dentist FadiEl-Hachem. She has two cute daughters Mila and Ella. Nancy was voted as Most Beautiful Mom of the World by the Rotana Magazine.

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