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By | October 7, 2016

Member of One Direction Niall Horan has a net worth of £20 million which is equal to $24 million. Carrying Irish ethnicity, he own Mercedes car, dated 03 girlfriends till 2017. The pretty boy Niall Horan is the start and one of the group members in the music album of “One Direction”. Despite of being 23 years old he was able to cope up with other members who were above his age. According to many of the income charts the group used to earn more than any other albums.

Niall Horan

Full Name Niall James Horan
Birth Date September 13, 1993
Nationality Irish
Height 5.7 feet / 1.73 m
Parents Maura Gallagher and Bobby Horan
Net Worth £20 million
Source of Income Singing
Annual Salary $6 Million
Sibling Greg Horan
Children N/A
Ethnicity Irish
Ex-Girlfriend Holly Scally, Thalia Heffernan, Barbara Palvin

The income of this handsome singer Niall Horan above $40 million. How this is worth, well this is just a start for now. The group is newly formed and with other members it is breaking much of the records. As we can say that One Direction member Horan’s knows his direction of fame and money very well.

The group was formed in the year 2010 which is considered as one of the new groups. All the members are from the different places. As the album is in English language, they had already earned more than $40 millions on the first throw. This was just the start and the people still listen to their singing. By the year 2014 the next album earned an amount of total $80 Million. That became one of the highest earned boy groups of that time. The earning of Horan’s was still growing up in a much faster phase.

Niall Horan’s Mercedes CarSinger Niall Horan with his Mercedes Car

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The talent that Horan’s holds was not just because of his singing, he was the one who can do wonders with the guitars too. This is one of that factors that he had a number of females fans, not in just one place but around the world. It can also be said that being at the lowest age and with the talents, he was the heart beats of millions of the girls. The looks and the talents were working in the good way for this “One Direction” member.

Despite of facing many ups and downs in the group, Horan had stated that he will not leave the group. This will become a major challenge for his next album. Being in the hearts of many and with the larger number of female followers, his next album will always have a brighter side. This handsome hunk also had a relationship but the current relation is still a questionable one. People are still waiting for the next album to come out. There will be many stage shows where Horan will be appearing soon for his real as well as female fans and will rock the world again.

Niall Horan net worth singer-niall-horan

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