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By | January 15, 2018

After publishing her videos on Youtuber Nikkie de Jager net worth risen to $1.3 million. As per her wiki Nikkie De Jager, she is 1.88 m tall and shared her age, facts, boyfriend and salary detail. YouTube has helped to provide exposure to a huge number of hidden talents. People can now make use of YouTube to upload their own videos and people from all across the globe can get to watch them. This has led to the evolution of a number of YouTube stars and Nikkie de Jager is one of the most frequented names in this context. Source:

Nikkie de Jager

Full Name Nikkie de Jager
Birth Date March 2, 1994
Nationality Dutch
Height 6.2 feet / 1.88 m
Parents Under Review
Net Worth $1.9 Million
Source of Income YouTuber
Annual salary $700,000
Sibling N/A
Children N/A
Ethnicity Dutch
Boyfriend Rick Smit

Nikkie de Jager was born on  1994 at Wageningen, Netherlands. Nikkie once dated a man by the name Rick Smit. This 1.9-metre bubbly girl is known for her enthusiastic and charming image that is evident from her videos. Nikkie is well known for her make up tutorial videos on the YouTube channel Nikkie tutorials and is a professional hair and makeup artist. As of now, her channel has a total 6 million subscribers and Nikkie keeps on charming her audience through her videos. Image


Due to her success on YouTube, she has also been a part of several other campaigns including her collaboration with Volkswagen to raise the awareness regarding the harmful effects of applying make up while driving. She has also worked with Paul Fischer for RTL5’s ‘I can Make You a Supermodel’. She also appeared on the cover page of Fashionista magazine for the June edition in 2014. She has an aim of inventing her very own make up style which would lead her to gain a strong recognition on the global platform.

Net Worth

As per the different sources the net worth of Nikkie De Jager (better known as NikkieTutorials) is between $1.2 to 1.9 million in 2018.


Youtube makeup artist Nikkie de Jager

She was highly inspired by the makeup of the various artists on MTV show ‘The Hills’ in 2008 and started watching make up videos on YouTube. After learning on the subject, she released her first video on YouTube at the age of 14 and she went on uploading more of such videos. Gradually her channel fetched lots and lots of subscribers and it became Netherland’s most subscribed and most watched beauty channel. She has the ability to alter the looks of people completely. She was one of the faces behind the online campaign ‘The Power of Make Up”. It was in 2010 when she joined a make up course by Pascale Tesser which helped her to enhance her skills. Further, she also joined Tesser’s academy which fetched some great projects to work on.

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