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By | April 23, 2016

Healthy actress Octavia Spencer has a net worth of $6 million. Originally, she is from Alabama and holding a graduation degree in Liberal Arts from Auburn University. Back in the 90s, Octavia started her career in professional acting by making an appearance in the movie, ‘A Time to Kill’. After that, she has been going back and forth amidst the movies and TV shows all in all flourishingly.

Octavia Spencer Net Worth $0.6 Million
Name Octavia Lenora Spencer
Source of Income Acting
Monthly Salary $50,000
Weekly Wages $12,500
Daily Income $1,700

dollarNet Worth – $6 Million

Octavia Spencer Profile


Full Name: Octavia Lenora Spencer

Annual Salary: $600,000

Birth Date

Birthday25th of May 1970


Ethnicity: African-American

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.57 m / 5.1 feet

60 Kg



Husband: N/A

Boyfriend: N/A

She came out in some TV roles as well suchlike on, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ‘ Titus’, ‘ER’, and in the midst of many more.  According to Entertainment Weekly, Octavia Spencer was counted among the top hilarious actress in the list of 25 in Hollywood, during 2009 survery.

She has worked in various movie assignments, for instance ‘Being John Malkovich, ‘Spider-Man’ with actor Topher Grace, ‘Dinner for Schmucks’, ‘Seven Pounds’ etc.  She got the fame for the movie ‘The Help’ that collected approx $216 million in the box office and was a block buster movie.

Actress Octavia Spencer Octavia Spencer Net Worth

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