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By | April 6, 2016

Beautiful French actress Olga Kurylenko has a net worth  of $18 Million. Born in 1979 in Berdiansk, Ukraine, she is a former model and her annual salary is of $1.5 Million. The French beauty queen actor, made her debut in the James bond movie for the first time to gain Hollywood fame in a quick span of time. Yet, she started her career as a model right from the age of sixteen. In fact, pioneers in the industry had recognized the model in her ever since she turned up 13. Yeah, born in Ukraine, she got recognition as a model only at the age of 16, in France. Olga kurylenko played a key role in the Recent Tom cruise big flick oblivion.

Olga Kurylenko Salary in 2017 $1.5 Million
Olga Kurylenko Net Worth $18 Million
Source of Income Acting and Modeling
Monthly Income $125,000
Weekly Income $31,200
Daily Income $4,400

dollarNet Worth – $18 Million


Olga Kurylenko profile

Full Name Olga Kostantinivna Kurylenko
Profession Acting & Modeling
Annual Salary $1.5 Million
Birth Date 14th of November 1979
Ethnicity Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian
Height 1.76 m /5.9 feet
Weight 53 kg
Boyfriend Danny Huston
Ex-Husband Damian Gabrielle
Cedric Van Mol

As an actor, she is considered as a role model for many other junior artists today for her impeccable performance and natural ability to score in the silver screen. Opposite to some of the big league professionals as Tom cruise, or Simon Davis, when a young actor is able to score high then it goes to show how naturally talented is she as an actor. Above all, the true personality of the 36 years old actor will make one fall for her at once. Yes, she is a pleasing personality to move with as told by her friends, relatives, and colleagues in the industry.

Easy to move with, and amiable manners, are not something that are noticed as regular traits of most other peer actresses in the industry even in the past, as well as in the present. May be this is the reason for her to wrap up significant packages right left and center in all throughout these years of wonderful film career to gain a big net worth of her own. Yes, Olga kurylenko net worth could amaze anyone for that matter. At the young age of just thirty and, she had already accumulated more than 18 million dollars to her own credit. Individually for an actor to make so much money in such a short span of time, focusing on just one role alone, is not that easy though.

There are others that have succeeded similarly but playing multiple roles as an artist, cinematographer, writer, producer, and publisher and so on. Business endeavors have made them to shine and prosper over a period to accumulate huge wealth. Yet, in Olga’s case, things are different. Olga kurylenko net worth currently is something that can surprise anyone in the Hollywood industry as well as in any other cine industry in any part of the world.


Olga Kurylenko net worth Olga Kurylenko beautiful actress

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